Android Open Source - App/virtual

    1. FruitBasket
      Virtual BookShelf Application for Android
      Score:2 Fragment:2 Activity:1 Java File:4 Manifest File:1

    2. Virtual_Pet
      Android app trying to simulate a pet.
      Score:1 Activity:12 Min SDK:8 Java File:22 Manifest File:2

    3. PromenadeAndroid
      Android app for Promenade Virtual Tours
      Score:1 Activity:5 Min SDK:17 Target SDK:18 Java File:10 Manifest File:1

    4. Virtual-Deanery---Android-Application
      my android application that present virtual deanery concept, admin can add, remove, find student and add,remove marks to chosen student, student can view own marks
      Score:1 Activity:9 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:19 Java File:10 Manifest File:1

    5. wagz
      Android app designed to inspire children to exercise by walking a virtual dog who loses loyalty if you don't walk him consistently
      Score:1 Activity:3 Min SDK:3 Java File:17 Manifest File:1

    6. deck
      Virtual Android Deck Application
      Score:1 Fragment:9 Activity:8 Java File:65 Manifest File:2

    7. DroidGlove
      An Android app for controlling the motion of hand in virtual reality world by the software such as Unity. That's like the legendary NES controller.
      Score:1 Activity:2 Min SDK:8 Java File:2 Manifest File:1

    8. VirtualEyes
      AR application that explores virtual content rendering and extraction. Made for android 4.2.2
      Score:1 Activity:1 Min SDK:9 Java File:4 Manifest File:1

    9. vmc
      Virtual Math Contest, a Android app of mine.
      Fragment:1 Activity:1 Min SDK:11 Target SDK:17 Java File:1 Manifest File:1

    10. IITB_Aakash_vLab_final
      The virtual lab android app as part of Aakash Project
      Fragment:4 Activity:12 Min SDK:7 Java File:38 Manifest File:2

    11. NVS
      An Android application that allows the user to leave virtual stickies wherever s/he wants and see other user's stickies all around.
      Activity:3 Min SDK:8 Java File:18 Manifest File:1

    12. uniara_virtual_android
      App para acesso ao uniara virtual por android
      Activity:2 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:17 Java File:11 Manifest File:1

    13. virtual-stat
      Delta Controls Virtual Stat Android Application
      Fragment:9 Activity:5 Min SDK:10 Target SDK:17 Java File:33 Manifest File:1

    14. catroid-wirelessHID-demo
      This is a demonstration application for how to create a Android device as a mouse and control the mouse pointer in PC side. This project includes PC side server and Android side virtual mouse.
      Activity:4 Min SDK:10 Java File:14 Manifest File:2

    15. VSCallIn
      Call In App for Virtual Support
      Activity:1 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:15 Java File:1 Manifest File:1

    16. VirtualFactory
      Android application that allows a user to interact with a virtual avatar
      Activity:4 Min SDK:10 Java File:10 Manifest File:1

    17. DOMobileAdmin
      Android application for administrating DigitalOcean virtual machines(droplets).
      Fragment:1 Activity:5 Java File:37 Manifest File:1

    18. vultr-Manager
      Android App to Manage and View your Virtual Server hosted by vultr.
      Fragment:4 Activity:3 Java File:17 Manifest File:1

    19. Meditation
      Android App for Virtual Meditation Classes
      Activity:7 Min SDK:14 Target SDK:14 Java File:10 Manifest File:1

    20. Infiniboard
      Virtual interactive white board application for android.
      Activity:1 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:16 Java File:12 Manifest File:2