Android Open Source - Network/check

    1. WorxForUs_Library
      Android networking and database library, which includes multiple retries for HTML access and serializes database access to prevent crashes. This library is used by WorxForUs and can be found in products associated with the Android app for Check the website below for the documentation.
      Score:10 Min SDK:7 Java File:30 Manifest File:1

    2. BusTicketer
      BusTicketer is an application for Android devices that will allow people to buy tickets, validate them, and travel through a bus network. Also, inspectors will be able to check their passenger's validations, as well as check in bus' terminals.
      Score:4 Fragment:4 Activity:8 Min SDK:16 Target SDK:18 Java File:44 Manifest File:3

    3. RaceMobile
      Race Mobile is an Android application for mobile network providers. It supports balance check, recharging, history reports, unmetered content, and more.
      Score:1 Fragment:1 Activity:1 Min SDK:14 Target SDK:17 Java File:1 Manifest File:1

    4. chkConnect
      Check the network connection and disconnect Wifi when unavailable.
      Score:1 Activity:2 Min SDK:8 Java File:4 Manifest File:1