Android Open Source - Game/life

    1. GameOfLife
      Game of Life implementation for android.
      Score:4 Activity:7 Min SDK:14 Target SDK:21 Java File:4 Manifest File:1

    2. ThisDevelopersLifePlayer
      ths developers life player for android
      Score:2 Activity:4 Min SDK:8 Java File:77 Manifest File:2

    3. game-of-life-android
      The Java version of "game-of-life" gem
      Score:2 Fragment:1 Activity:2 Min SDK:14 Target SDK:19 Java File:9 Manifest File:1

    4. ConwaysGameOfLife
      This is the code for an Android app made to play around with and demonstrate the Game of Life, a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.
      Score:1 Fragment:2 Activity:2 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:17 Java File:3 Manifest File:1

    5. aegameoflife
      Android Game Of Life
      Score:1 Activity:1 Min SDK:11 Java File:3 Manifest File:1

    6. droidoflife
      Droid of Life - experimental game for Android based on Conway's Game of Life.
      Score:1 Fragment:1 Activity:2 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:13 Java File:5 Manifest File:1

    7. androidLife
      Game of Life running on Android
      Score:1 Activity:1 Java File:18 Manifest File:1

    8. android-rpg
      Real Life Android RPG
      Score:1 Activity:1 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:15 Java File:3 Manifest File:1

    9. lifecounter
      keeps track of 4 player's life in Magic the Gathering
      Activity:1 Java File:2 Manifest File:1

    10. GameOfLife
      Android "Game of Life" like application
      Activity:2 Min SDK:15 Target SDK:15 Java File:18 Manifest File:1

    11. Game-of-Life-Android
      A simple Game of Life implementation for Android. Its layout is very basic at the moment, consisting of a tablelayout which is a table of clickable views. At the bottom there are control buttons: Start, Pause and Reset - which are fairly self explanatory. I intend to push a new layout in the future, this is actually here mostly to motivate me and help me practice git usage.
      Activity:1 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:18 Java File:1 Manifest File:1

    12. os1-android-life
      Android Game of Life for Operating Systems Class
      Activity:4 Min SDK:14 Target SDK:14 Java File:8 Manifest File:1

    13. lifesim
      android life sim game
      Fragment:1 Activity:1 Java File:13 Manifest File:1

    14. GameOfLife
      Conway's Game of Life as an interactive Android application
      Activity:6 Min SDK:14 Target SDK:16 Java File:8 Manifest File:1

      Wheel Of Life game, ported to android
      Activity:1 Min SDK:14 Target SDK:21 Java File:8 Manifest File:1

    16. MTGLifeLink
      A life point companion app for the Magic the Gathering trading card game
      Fragment:3 Activity:2 Min SDK:10 Target SDK:19 Java File:9 Manifest File:1

    17. android-game-of-life
      An Android implementation of John Conway's Game of Life (Cellular automaton)
      Activity:1 Min SDK:10 Target SDK:15 Java File:3 Manifest File:1

    18. AndroidGameOfLife
      Android implementation of Conway's "game of life"
      Activity:1 Java File:4 Manifest File:1

    19. GameOfLife
      Android Application featuring Conaway's Game of Life. A study of threading and cellular automata.
      Activity:1 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:17 Java File:2 Manifest File:1