Android Open Source - Widget/search

    1. android_example_search
      This project is an example with list search using SearchView widget in ActionBar menu
      Score:5 Activity:1 Min SDK:14 Target SDK:18 Java File:5 Manifest File:1

    2. search-widget
      Android Search Widget
      Score:4 Activity:1 Min SDK:3 Target SDK:17 Java File:6 Manifest File:1

    3. JustAnotherSearch
      [education]Just another search widget for android.
      Score:2 Activity:2 Min SDK:8 Java File:23 Manifest File:1

    4. FreebaseSuggest
      Freebase Suggest is a widget that adds Freebase topic autocomplete to search boxes. The original Javascript implementation can be found here
      Activity:1 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:19 Java File:2 Manifest File:2

      Browser Search History based News Aggregator Widget for Android
      Fragment:6 Activity:4 Min SDK:11 Target SDK:17 Java File:16 Manifest File:1