Android Open Source - Video/picture

    1. Android-LensRocket
      PikShare is a picture / video sharing application built on top of Windows Azure.
      Score:27 Activity:11 Min SDK:15 Target SDK:18 Java File:35 Manifest File:1

    2. DayCast
      Send pictures, videos, and messages to the internet using SMS/MMS
      Activity:6 Min SDK:18 Target SDK:19 Java File:6 Manifest File:1

    3. TripDiary
      TripDiary is an Android application being used to record your trip, including track,pictures,videos,audios and text.
      Fragment:17 Activity:10 Min SDK:14 Target SDK:19 Java File:50 Manifest File:1

    4. MyCamera
      Android Camera App Sample. Working on HTC M7. Using Volumn+ Key to take picture. Using Volumn- Key to recording Full HD video. Save media file in /sdcard/.mydroid/ folder. Current Iuuse : Video recording is only 15 fps.
      Activity:1 Java File:1 Manifest File:1

    5. Video_Capture
      Android program use for capture video or picture
      Fragment:1 Activity:2 Min SDK:8 Target SDK:19 Java File:7 Manifest File:1