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MIT License

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Java Source Code

package com.alwaysallthetime.cloudpaste.client;
/*from ww  w.  j a  v  a  2s  .c  o m*/
import com.alwaysallthetime.adnlib.AppDotNetClient;
import com.alwaysallthetime.messagebeast.ADNApplication;
import com.alwaysallthetime.messagebeast.ADNSharedPreferences;
import com.alwaysallthetime.messagebeast.ConfigurationUtility;

public class CloudPasteADNClient {
    //stick a client id here.
    public static final String CLIENT_ID = "ApLZCN8QxnG2D54JcnUkUApH88nLHZeC";
    public static final String AUTH_SCOPES = "basic,messages";

    private static AppDotNetClient sInstance;

    public static AppDotNetClient getInstance() {
        if(CLIENT_ID == null) {
            throw new RuntimeException("You gosta specify a value for CloudPasteADNClient.CLIENT_ID, bro.");
        if(sInstance == null) {
            sInstance = new AppDotNetClient(ADNApplication.getContext());

            if(ADNSharedPreferences.isLoggedIn()) {
        return sInstance;

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