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Java Source Code

package org.sapmentors.nwcloud.gcm.model;
/*from  w w  w.j a  v  a  2  s . c o m*/

 * Represents the PushMessage in external state
 * This represents the JSON/XML payload that must be provided
 * to the REST API
 * @author dagfinn.parnas
public class PushMessageResponse {
  protected String emailFrom; 
  protected String[] emailSentTo; 
  protected String[] emailFailed; 
  protected int messageType;
  protected int responseCode;
  protected String responseMessage;
  public String getEmailFrom() {
    return emailFrom;
  public void setEmailFrom(String emailFrom) {
    this.emailFrom = emailFrom;
  public String[] getEmailSentTo() {
    return emailSentTo;
  public void setEmailSentTo(String[] emailSentTo) {
    this.emailSentTo = emailSentTo;
  public String[] getEmailFailed() {
    return emailFailed;
  public void setEmailFailed(String[] emailFailed) {
    this.emailFailed = emailFailed;
  public int getMessageType() {
    return messageType;
  public void setMessageType(int messageType) {
    this.messageType = messageType;
  public int getResponseCode() {
    return responseCode;
  public void setResponseCode(int responseCode) {
    this.responseCode = responseCode;
  public String getResponseMessage() {
    return responseMessage;
  public void setResponseMessage(String responseMessage) {
    this.responseMessage = responseMessage;

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