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MIT License

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Java Source Code

package com.haunted.marketbin;
//ww w  . ja  v  a2s. c o  m
import java.util.ArrayList;

public class MarketBin {
    // All known market descriptors are got from static methods in order MarketBin
    // to consume less memory in runtime.
    // If you want to have them as static variables, you can always save any subset of
    // known markets as your own static variable.

    public static MarketDescriptor getGooglePlay() {
        return new MarketDescriptor("Google Play", "market://details?id=%s", "");

    public static MarketDescriptor getGooglePlayWeb() {
        return new MarketDescriptor("Google Play WebSite", "", null);

    public static MarketDescriptor getSamsungApps() {
        return new MarketDescriptor("Samsung Apps", "samsungapps://ProductDetail/%s", "");

    public static MarketDescriptor getSlideMe() {
        return new MarketDescriptor("SlideMe", "sam://details?id=%s", "com.slideme.sam.manager");

    public static MarketDescriptor getYandexStore() {
        return new MarketDescriptor("Yandex.Store", "market://details?id=%s", "");

    public static ArrayList<MarketDescriptor> getAllKnown() {
        ArrayList<MarketDescriptor> result = new ArrayList<MarketDescriptor>(5);
        return result;

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