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Apache License

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Java Source Code

package com.example.maps;
import java.util.Calendar;
//w  w  w .j  a v  a2 s  . c om
import android.content.Context;


//singleton class for an event. All of these events will be stored in an ArrayOfEvents object
public class eventMarker {

  private static eventMarker instance = null;

  protected eventMarker() {
    // Exists only to defeat instantiation.
  // Here are some values we want to keep global.
  public LatLng Loc;
  public String Title;
  public String Description;
  public Calendar deadline;
  public boolean notified;
  public static eventMarker getInstance(Context context) {
    if(instance == null) {
      instance = new eventMarker();
      instance.Title = "";
      instance.Description = "";
      instance.notified = false;
      instance.Loc = new LatLng(0,0);
      instance.deadline = Calendar.getInstance();
    return instance;
  public eventMarker copy(){
    eventMarker t = new eventMarker();
    t.Title = this.Title;
    t.Description = this.Description;
    t.Loc = this.Loc;
    t.deadline = (Calendar) this.deadline.clone();
    return t;

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