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MIT License

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Java Source Code

package ru.abusalimov.xposed.wifideepsleep;
// w  w  w  . j  a  v  a  2s.c om
import static;
import static;
import static;
import static;
import static;
import static;

import java.lang.reflect.Field;
import java.lang.reflect.Method;

import ru.abusalimov.xposed.util.SingletonMethodHook;
import android.os.Message;
import android.os.WorkSource;

public class WifiControllerDeviceInactiveStateProcessMessageMethodHook extends SingletonMethodHook {
  public static final String WIFI_CONTROLLER = "";
  public static final String DEVICE_INACTIVE_STATE = WIFI_CONTROLLER + "$DeviceInactiveState";

  protected static final boolean HANDLED;
  protected static final boolean NOT_HANDLED;

  protected static final int CMD_SCREEN_ON;
  protected static final int CMD_USER_PRESENT;
  protected static final int CMD_LOCKS_CHANGED;

  protected static final Field M_NO_LOCK_HELD_STATE;
  protected static final Field M_DEVICE_ACTIVE_STATE;
  protected static final Field M_LOCKS;
  protected static final Field M_TMP_WORK_SOURCE;
  protected static final Field M_WIFI_STATE_MACHINE;

  protected static final Method GET_CURRENT_STATE;
  protected static final Method TRANSITION_TO;
  protected static final Method GET_STRONGEST_LOCK_MODE;
  protected static final Method UPDATE_BATTERY_WORK_SOURCE;

  protected void beforeHookedMethod(MethodHookParam param)
      throws Throwable {
    Message msg = (Message) param.args[0];
    Object controller = getSurroundingThis(param.thisObject);

    /* NoLockHeldState does not override processMessage, unfortunately.
     * So, we hook the method of its parent instead and check for
     * actual state here. */
    if (GET_CURRENT_STATE.invoke(controller) ==
        M_NO_LOCK_HELD_STATE.get(controller)) {

      if (msg.what == CMD_SCREEN_ON) {
        /* Default action is to transitionTo(mDeviceActiveState).
         * Skip instead, and proceed to DefaultState handling. */

      } else if (msg.what == CMD_USER_PRESENT) {
        /* There is no default action for this. Do what it used
         * to do for CMD_SCREEN_ON before and delegate the rest
         * to DefaultState as usual. */

      } else if (msg.what == CMD_LOCKS_CHANGED) {
        Object lockList = M_LOCKS.get(controller);
        int strongestLock = (int) GET_STRONGEST_LOCK_MODE.invoke(lockList);

        /* Take a default action only for high performance locks,
         * Otherwise only update battery stats ignoring any locks held. */
        if (strongestLock != WifiManager.WIFI_MODE_FULL_HIGH_PERF) {
          WorkSource tmpWorkSource =
              (WorkSource) M_TMP_WORK_SOURCE.get(controller);
          Object stateMachine = M_WIFI_STATE_MACHINE.get(controller);

          UPDATE_BATTERY_WORK_SOURCE.invoke(stateMachine, tmpWorkSource);




  static {
    Class<?> clazz = findClass(WIFI_CONTROLLER, null);

    HANDLED      = getStaticBooleanField(clazz, "HANDLED");
    NOT_HANDLED  = getStaticBooleanField(clazz, "NOT_HANDLED");

    CMD_SCREEN_ON      = getStaticIntField(clazz, "CMD_SCREEN_ON");
    CMD_USER_PRESENT   = getStaticIntField(clazz, "CMD_USER_PRESENT");
    CMD_LOCKS_CHANGED  = getStaticIntField(clazz, "CMD_LOCKS_CHANGED");

    M_NO_LOCK_HELD_STATE   = findField(clazz, "mNoLockHeldState");
    M_DEVICE_ACTIVE_STATE  = findField(clazz, "mDeviceActiveState");
    M_LOCKS                = findField(clazz, "mLocks");
    M_TMP_WORK_SOURCE      = findField(clazz, "mTmpWorkSource");
    M_WIFI_STATE_MACHINE   = findField(clazz, "mWifiStateMachine");

    GET_CURRENT_STATE           = findMethodBestMatch(clazz, "getCurrentState");
    TRANSITION_TO               = findMethodBestMatch(clazz, "transitionTo",
    GET_STRONGEST_LOCK_MODE     = findMethodBestMatch(M_LOCKS.getType(),
        "updateBatteryWorkSource", WorkSource.class);


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