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GNU General Public License

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Java Source Code

**/*w w w. j  a  v a2s  . com*/
** RidenDivide- An open source project for the Android platform, helps users to carpool
** Application written in Java
** Application uses Google Places API
** Copyright (C) 2012 Harini Ramakrishnan and Vinutha Veerayya Hiremath
** Please see the file License in this distribution for license terms. 
** Below is the link to the file License.
** Following is the link for the repository-
** This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
** it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
** the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
** (at your option) any later version.
** This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
** but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
** GNU General Public License for more details.
** You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
** along with this program.  If not, see <>.
** Written by Harini Ramakrishnan <> and 
** Vinutha Veerayya Hiremath <>
** References -
** License -
** License -

package oss.ridendivideapp;

import android.content.ContentValues;
import android.content.Context;
import android.database.Cursor;
import android.database.SQLException;
import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase;
import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper;
import android.location.Location;
import android.util.Log;

** DBAdapter class is used to define and create tables in SQLite database. Functions for 
** querying the tables are also defined here.
public class DBAdapter

/* Defining Database name, version and table names */
private static final String TAG = "DBAdapter";
private static final String DATABASE_NAME = "db_ridendivide";
private static final String DATABASE_USERTABLE = "db_userdetails";
private static final String DATABASE_RIDEDETAILSTABLE = "db_ridedetails";
private static final String DATABASE_SEARCHDETAILS = "db_searchdetails";
private static final int DATABASE_VERSION = 1;

/* Defining column names for USERDETAILS table */
public static final String KEY_NAME = "name";
public static final String KEY_PHNO = "phno";
public static final String KEY_EMAILID = "emailid";
public static final String KEY_PWD = "pwd";

/* Defining column names for RIDEDETAILS table */
public static final String KEY_RIDEID = "rideid";
public static final String KEY_USRID = "usrid";
public static final String KEY_FROM = "ridefrom";
public static final String KEY_TO = "rideto";
public static final String KEY_RADIUS = "radius";
public static final String KEY_DATE = "ridedate";
public static final String KEY_TIME = "ridetime";
public static final String KEY_SEATS = "seats";
public static final String KEY_COST = "cost";
public static final String KEY_FROM_LAT = "fromlat";
public static final String KEY_FROM_LONG = "fromlong";
public static final String KEY_TO_LAT = "tolat";
public static final String KEY_TO_LONG = "tolong";

/* Defining column names for SEARCHDETAILS table */
public static final String SKEY_SEARCHID = "s_id";
public static final String SKEY_RIDEID = "s_rideid";
public static final String SKEY_USRID = "s_usrid";
public static final String SKEY_FROM = "s_ridefrom";
public static final String SKEY_TO= "s_rideto";
public static final String SKEY_FRMRADIUS = "s_radius";
public static final String SKEY_FRMSEATS="s_seats";

/* Create USERDETAILS database query */
private static final String DATABASE_CREATE_USERDETAILS =
"create table "+ DATABASE_USERTABLE+"(name text not null, phno text not null, "
+ "emailid text primary key not null, pwd text not null);";

/* Create RIDEDETAILS database query */
private static final String DATABASE_CREATE_RIDEDETAILS =
"create table "+ DATABASE_RIDEDETAILSTABLE+"(rideid integer primary key autoincrement, usrid text not null, ridefrom text not null, rideto text not null, radius float not null, ridedate text not null, ridetime real not null, "
+ "seats integer not null, cost real not null, fromlat double not null, fromlong double not null, tolat double not null, tolong double not null );";

/* create SEARCHDETAILS database query */
private static final String DATABASE_CREATE_SEARCHDETAILS =
"create table "+ DATABASE_SEARCHDETAILS+"(s_id integer primary key autoincrement, s_rideid integer not null, s_usrid text not null, s_ridefrom text not null, "
+ "s_rideto text not null, s_radius double not null, s_seats integer not null);";

private final Context context;
private DatabaseHelper DBHelper;
private SQLiteDatabase db;

public DBAdapter(Context ctx)
this.context = ctx;
DBHelper = new DatabaseHelper(context);
private static class DatabaseHelper extends SQLiteOpenHelper
DatabaseHelper(Context context)
super(context, DATABASE_NAME, null, DATABASE_VERSION);
public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db)
public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase db, int oldVersion,
int newVersion)
Log.w(TAG, "Upgrading database from version " + oldVersion
+ " to "
+ newVersion + ", which will destroy all old data");
db.execSQL("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS userdetails");
db.execSQL("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS ridedetails");
db.execSQL("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS searchdetails");
/* Opens the database */
public DBAdapter open() throws SQLException
db = DBHelper.getWritableDatabase();
return this;
/* Closes the database */
public void close()
/* Insert a row into USERDETAILS table */
public long insertUser(String name, String phno, String emailid, String pwd)
ContentValues initialValues = new ContentValues();
initialValues.put(KEY_NAME, name);
initialValues.put(KEY_PHNO, phno);
initialValues.put(KEY_EMAILID, emailid);
initialValues.put(KEY_PWD, pwd);
return db.insert(DATABASE_USERTABLE, null, initialValues);

/* Insert a row into RIDEDETAILS table */
public long insertridedetails(String usrid, String rfrom, String rto, Integer radius, String rdate, Long rtime, String seats, Float cost, Double fromlat, Double fromlong, Double tolat, Double tolong)
ContentValues initialValues = new ContentValues();
initialValues.put(KEY_USRID, usrid);
initialValues.put(KEY_FROM, rfrom);
initialValues.put(KEY_TO, rto);
initialValues.put(KEY_RADIUS, radius);
initialValues.put(KEY_DATE, rdate);
initialValues.put(KEY_TIME, rtime);
initialValues.put(KEY_SEATS, seats);
initialValues.put(KEY_COST, cost);
initialValues.put(KEY_FROM_LAT, fromlat);
initialValues.put(KEY_FROM_LONG, fromlong);
initialValues.put(KEY_TO_LAT, tolat);
initialValues.put(KEY_TO_LONG, tolong);
return db.insert(DATABASE_RIDEDETAILSTABLE, null, initialValues);

/* Insert a row into SEARCHRESULTS table */
public long insertsearchdetails(Integer rideid, String usrid, String ridefrom, String rideto, Double radius, Integer seats)
  ContentValues initialValues = new ContentValues();
  initialValues.put(SKEY_RIDEID, rideid);
  initialValues.put(SKEY_USRID, usrid);
  initialValues.put(SKEY_FROM, ridefrom);
  initialValues.put(SKEY_TO, rideto);
  return db.insert(DATABASE_SEARCHDETAILS, null, initialValues);

/* Used to authenticating user */
public Cursor getUserAuthenticate(String emailid, String password) throws SQLException
Cursor mCursor = db.rawQuery("select * from "+DATABASE_USERTABLE+ " where emailid = '"+emailid+"' and pwd='" +password+"'", null);
return mCursor;

/* Retrieves all User details */
public Cursor getAllUserDetails()
return db.query(DATABASE_USERTABLE, new String[] {

/* Retrieves the search results */
public Cursor getSearchResults() throws SQLException
  Cursor mCursor = db.rawQuery("select * from "+DATABASE_SEARCHDETAILS,null);
  return mCursor;

/* Retrieves rows from RIDEDETAILS table based on Date, Time and Seats comparison. 
** The rows are then inserted into the SEARCHDETAILS table*/
public void getRideDetails(String rdate, long start_time, long end_time, double tk_frmlat, double tk_frmlong, double tk_tolat, double tk_tolong, int seats )
/* Select query to shortlist rows based on Date, Time and Seats in RIDEDETIALS table*/
String selectquery= "SELECT * FROM " + DATABASE_RIDEDETAILSTABLE + " WHERE " +KEY_DATE+ "='" +rdate+ "' AND " +KEY_SEATS+">="+seats+ " AND " +KEY_TIME+ " BETWEEN "+start_time+ " AND "+ end_time ;
Cursor mCursor = db.rawQuery(selectquery, null);

/* Delete search results from previous transcation*/
db.delete(DATABASE_SEARCHDETAILS, null, null);

/* Asssigning column indexes */
int gr_frmLatcol = mCursor.getColumnIndex(KEY_FROM_LAT);
int gr_frmLongcol = mCursor.getColumnIndex(KEY_FROM_LONG);
int gr_toLatcol = mCursor.getColumnIndex(KEY_TO_LAT);
int gr_toLongcol = mCursor.getColumnIndex(KEY_TO_LONG);
int gr_rideidcol = mCursor.getColumnIndex(KEY_RIDEID);
int gr_usridcol = mCursor.getColumnIndex(KEY_USRID);
int gr_frmloccol = mCursor.getColumnIndex(KEY_FROM);
int gr_toloccol = mCursor.getColumnIndex(KEY_TO);
int gr_frmradcol = mCursor.getColumnIndex(KEY_RADIUS);
int gr_seatscol = mCursor.getColumnIndex(KEY_SEATS);

double grfrmlatvalue, grfrmlongvalue, grtolatvalue, grtolongvalue;
int grradusvalue, gr_rideid, gr_seats;
String gr_usrid, fromloc, toloc;

/* Check if the cursor is empty */
if (mCursor != null) {
        /* Check if at least one Result was returned. */
        if (mCursor.moveToFirst()) {
                int i = 0;
                /* Loop through all Results */
                do {
                     /* Retrieve Lattitude, Longitude values for From and To address from RIDEDETAILS table */
                     grfrmlatvalue = mCursor.getDouble(gr_frmLatcol);
                     grfrmlongvalue= mCursor.getDouble(gr_frmLongcol);
                     grtolatvalue = mCursor.getDouble(gr_toLatcol);
                     grtolongvalue = mCursor.getDouble(gr_toLongcol);
           /* Retrieve rideid, usrid, radius and seat values RIDEDETAILS table */
                     gr_rideid = mCursor.getInt(gr_rideidcol);
                     gr_usrid = mCursor.getString(gr_usridcol);
                     toloc = mCursor.getString(gr_toloccol);
                     grradusvalue = mCursor.getInt(gr_frmradcol);
           /* Calclulate distance between the corresponding from addresses */
                     float [] frmdist = new float[1];
                     Location.distanceBetween(grfrmlatvalue, grfrmlongvalue, tk_frmlat, tk_frmlong, frmdist);
                     float frmradius = frmdist[0];
                     /* Convert distance to miles */
                     double frmradinmiles= frmradius * 0.000621371;
           /* Calclulate distance between the corresponding to addresses */          
                     float [] todist = new float[1];
                     Location.distanceBetween(grtolatvalue, grtolongvalue, tk_tolat, tk_tolong, todist);
                     float toradius = todist[0];
                     /* Convert distance to miles */
                     double toradinmiles = toradius * 0.000621371;
           /* Check if the from and to addresses fall with accepted detour radius */
                     if(frmradinmiles<=grradusvalue & toradinmiles<=grradusvalue)
                       /* Insert into SEARCHRESULTS table */                  
                       long id= insertsearchdetails(gr_rideid, gr_usrid, fromloc, toloc, frmradinmiles, gr_seats);                       
                } while (mCursor.moveToNext());

/* Retrieves USERDETAILS to populate ConfirmRideActivity fields */
public Cursor getUserdetails(String emailid) throws SQLException
      Cursor mCursor = db.rawQuery("select * from "+DATABASE_USERTABLE+" where "+KEY_EMAILID+"='"+emailid+"'",null);
      return mCursor;

/* Retrieves RIDEDETAILS to populate ConfirmRideActivity fields */
public Cursor getConfirmRide(int rideid ) throws SQLException
Cursor mCursor = db.rawQuery("select * from "+DATABASE_RIDEDETAILSTABLE+" where "+KEY_RIDEID+"='"+rideid+"'",null);
return mCursor;

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