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GNU General Public License

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Java Source Code

package com.cs121.groupgoal;
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import java.util.Date;
import java.util.List;

import com.parse.ParseClassName;
import com.parse.ParseGeoPoint;
import com.parse.ParseObject;
import com.parse.ParseQuery;
import com.parse.ParseUser;

 * Data model for a post. Creates a Parse object and stores its info
public class GoalPost extends ParseObject {
  public enum Category {
  public String getName() {
    return getString("name"); //returns name of Goal

  public void setName(String name) {
    put ("name", name); //sets the name of the Goal and stores in backend
  public String getDescription() {
    return getString("description"); //returns the goal description

  public void setDescription(String value) {
    put("description", value); //stores the goal description

  public ParseUser getOwner() {
    return getParseUser("user"); //returns the userID of the user who is posting the goal

  public void setOwner(ParseUser value) {
    put("user", value); //stores the userID of the owner of the goal
  public String getOwnerId() {
    return getString("ownerid"); //returns the user ID of goal owner
  public void setOwnerId(String id) {
    put("ownerid", id); //stores the user ID of the goal owner

  public ParseGeoPoint getLocation() {
    return getParseGeoPoint("location"); //returns the geoPoint of where the goal was created

  public void setLocation(ParseGeoPoint value) {
    put("location", value); //stores the geoPoint of where the goal was created
  public String getEventLocation() {
    return getString("event_location"); //gets the location of the posted event
  public void setEventLocation(String eventLocation) {
    put("event_location", eventLocation); //stores the location
  public boolean isPrivate() {
    return getBoolean("private"); //returns true if the goal was marked as private
  public void setPrivate(boolean isPrivate) {
    put("private", isPrivate); //sets the boolean for whether the goal is private or not
  public Category getCategory() {
    return Category.valueOf(get("category").toString()); //returns the category of the goal
  public void setCategory(Category category) {
    put("category", category.toString()); //stores the category of the goal
  public Date getDate() {
    return getDate("date"); //returns the date of the posted goal
  public void setDate(Date date) {
    put("date", date); //stores the assigned date of the goal
  public void setTargetGroupSize(int size) {
    put("size", size); 
  public Number getTargetGroupSize() {
    return getNumber("size");
  public Number getCurrentGroupSize() {
    return getList("attendees") == null ? 0 : getList("attendees").size();
  public List<String> getAttendees() {
    List<String> a = getList("attendees");
    return a; //returns a list of userID's of the people who joined the goal (including the goal owner)
  public void setAttendees(List<String> attendees) {
    put("attendees", attendees); //creates a list that will hold the userIDs of the attendees
  public void addAttendee(String user) {
    List<String> attendees = getList("attendees");
    if(!attendees.contains(user)) {
      put("attendees", attendees); //adds userID to the list when they join the goal
  public void removeAttendee(String user) {
    List<String> attendees = getList("attendees");
    if(attendees.contains(user)) {
      put("attendees", attendees); //removes userID when they unjoin a goal
  public void setCommentsList(List<String> comments){
    put("commentsList", comments); //stores a list of strings that are the comments people posted to the goal

  public static ParseQuery<GoalPost> getQuery() {
    return ParseQuery.getQuery(GoalPost.class);

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