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Java Source Code

package com.james.erebus.JSONJava;
/**/*from w  w  w  . j  av  a 2s .  com*/
 * The <code>JSONString</code> interface allows a <code>toJSONString()</code>
 * method so that a class can change the behavior of
 * <code>JSONObject.toString()</code>, <code>JSONArray.toString()</code>,
 * and <code>JSONWriter.value(</code>Object<code>)</code>. The
 * <code>toJSONString</code> method will be used instead of the default behavior
 * of using the Object's <code>toString()</code> method and quoting the result.
public interface JSONString {
     * The <code>toJSONString</code> method allows a class to produce its own JSON
     * serialization.
     * @return A strictly syntactically correct JSON text.
    public String toJSONString();

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