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The source code is released under:

Copyright 2014 Ahmed Shafei

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Java Source Code

package de.hrf.workforcemanagement.models.radarchart;
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import java.util.ArrayList;

import org.simpleframework.xml.ElementList;
import org.simpleframework.xml.Root;

import de.hrf.workforcemanagement.models.Dimension;
import de.hrf.workforcemanagement.models.SpecialChartYAxis;

@Root(name = "y_axis")
public class RadarYAxis extends SpecialChartYAxis {
  @ElementList(name = "dimension_list")
  private ArrayList<Dimension> dimensions;

  public RadarYAxis() {

  public RadarYAxis(boolean visible, ArrayList<Dimension> dimensions) {
    this.dimensions = dimensions;

   * @return the dimensions list of the y-axis of the chart
  public ArrayList<Dimension> getDimensions() {
    return dimensions;

   * @param dimensions
   *            the dimensions list of the y-axis of the chart
  public void setDimensions(ArrayList<Dimension> dimensions) {
    this.dimensions = dimensions;

  public String toString() {
    return "yAxis: (visible= " + this.isVisible() + ", dimensionsList="
        + this.getDimensions() + ")";

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