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GNU General Public License

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Java Source Code

//from   ww w  .  j  a va 2  s  . c o m
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Stack;

 * Singleton list of Places
 * @author Jesse
public class Places {
  private static List<Place> places = null;
  private static int currentPlace = -1;
  private static long currentBin;
  private static long currentSession;
  public static List<Place> getPlaces(){
    if(null == places){
    return places;
   * @return null if Places.getPlaces() has not been called, or if currentPlace < 0; otherwise
   * returns the Task list associated with the currently selected Palce
  public static List<Task> getTasksforCurrentPlace(){
    if(null != places && currentPlace > -1){
      return places.get(currentPlace).getTasks();
    } else{
      return null;
  public static void setCurrentPlace(int i, long date){
    currentPlace = i;
  public static String getCurrentPlaceName(){
    if(null != places && currentPlace > -1){
      return places.get(currentPlace).getName();
    } else{
      return null;
  public static Place getCurrentPlace(){
    if(null != places && currentPlace > -1){
      return places.get(currentPlace);
    } else{
      return null;
  public static long getCurrentBin(){
    return currentBin;
  public static void setCurrentBin(long binIn){
    currentBin = binIn;
  public static long getSession(){
    return currentSession;
  public static void setSession(long sessionIn){
    currentSession = sessionIn;
  private Places(){
  private static void init(){
    places =  new ArrayList<Place>();
    Stack<Task> main = new Stack<Task>();
    main.add(new Task("Walking/Running"));
    main.add(new Task("Talking Face-to-face"));
    main.add(new Task("Talking on Landline -- to Registrar"));
    main.add(new Task("Talking on Landline -- to Other"));
    main.add(new Task("Talking on Smartphone -- to Registrar"));
    main.add(new Task("Talking on Smartphone -- to Other"));
    main.add(new Task("Interrupted"));
    main.add(new Task("Using Landline / on hold"));
    main.add(new Task("Using Smartphone"));
    main.add(new Task("Using PC/Computer on Wheels (COW)"));
    main.add(new Task("Looking at Notes"));
    main.add(new Task("Writing on Notes"));
    main.add(new Task("Adjusting Notes"));
    main.add(new Task("Labelling"));
    main.add(new Task("Reviewing Research Materials"));
    main.add(new Task("Searching for Paperwork"));
    main.add(new Task("Searching for a Patient"));
    main.add(new Task("Searching for Place"));
    main.add(new Task("Searching for a Staff Member"));
    main.add(new Task("Searching through Bag"));
    main.add(new Task("Searching for Equipment"));
    main.add(new Task("Preparing/Using Equipment Away from Patient"));
    main.add(new Task("Putting Things Away"));
    main.add(new Task("Point of Care Testing (PoCT)"));
    main.add(new Task("Washing Hands"));
    main.add(new Task("Getting Dressed/Putting on Protective Clothing"));
    main.add(new Task("No Observable Task -- Thinking"));
    main.add(new Task("No Observable Task -- Downtime"));
    //main.add(new Task("Other"));
    Stack<Task> empty = new Stack<Task>();

    places.add(new Place("In Transit ? Within Ward", main, new Integer[]{2,3,6,8}));
    places.add(new Place("In Transit ? Between Wards", main, new Integer[]{2,3,6,8,18}));
    places.add(new Place("In Ward ? Note Trolley", main,new Integer[]{2,3,6,8,14,15,16,18}));
    places.add(new Place("In Ward ? Office", main, new Integer[]{18}));
    places.add(new Place("In Ward ? Nurses Station", main, new Integer[]{18}));
    places.add(new Place("In Ward ? Stores", main, new Integer[]{18}));
    places.add(new Place("Caf? / Mess", main, new Integer[]{}));
    places.add(new Place("With Patient ? Open Ward", empty, new Integer[]{}));
    places.add(new Place("With Patient ? Private Room", empty, new Integer[]{}));
    places.add(new Place("Lab / Pharmacy / etc. (Other)", empty, new Integer[]{}));  
    places.add(new Place("Unobservable", empty, new Integer[]{}));

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