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The source code is released under:

GNU General Public License

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Java Source Code

 * /*  w  w  w . ja v a2 s .  co  m*/
package fr.magistry.taigime;

import android.util.Log;

 * @author pierre
public class TaigiWord {
  //private String inputed;
  private long wid;
  private String bopomo;
  private String hanji;
  private String tailuo;
  public TaigiWord(long id, String bpm, String hj, String tl){
  //  inputed = input;
    wid = id;
    hanji = hj;
    tailuo = tl;
    bopomo = bpm;

  public String getHanji() {
    return hanji;
  public String getTailuo(){
    return tailuo;
  public String getBopomo(){
    return bopomo;
    public String getPOJ(){
        return tailuo.replaceAll("ts","ch")

    public String getPOJ_safe() {
        return tailuo.replaceAll("ts","ch")

  public long getWid(){
    return wid;
//  public String getInputed(){
  //  return inputed;

  public boolean equals(Object other){
    if (this == other)
      return true;
    if (!(other instanceof TaigiWord))
      return false;
    return this.wid == ((TaigiWord)other).wid;

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