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GNU General Public License

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Java Source Code

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 * Classes that implement the Drawable interface have the ability to draw with a provided Graphics object onto
 * a PlotSheet.
 * @see wildPlot.rendering.PlotSheet
public interface Drawable {
   * Paint the drawable object
   * @param g
  public void paint(Graphics g);
   * Returns true if this Drawable can draw on the outer frame of the plot
   * this is necessary because normally everything drawn over the border will be whited out by the PlotSheet object.
   * If a legend or descriptions shall be drawn onto the outer frame this method of the corresponding Drawables has
   * to return true. For all other cases it is highly recommended to return false.
   * @return
  public boolean isOnFrame();

     * let the drawable interrupt and abort its drawing to give free the associated threads,
     * may only be used in time consuming drawables
  public void abortAndReset();

    public boolean isClusterable();

    public boolean isCritical();

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