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MIT License

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Java Source Code

package opengl.text;
/*www  .j av a2s  .  co  m*/
class TextureRegion {

   public float u1, v1;                               // Top/Left U,V Coordinates
   public float u2, v2;                               // Bottom/Right U,V Coordinates

   // D: calculate U,V coordinates from specified texture coordinates
   // A: texWidth, texHeight - the width and height of the texture the region is for
   //    x, y - the top/left (x,y) of the region on the texture (in pixels)
   //    width, height - the width and height of the region on the texture (in pixels)
   public TextureRegion(float texWidth, float texHeight, float x, float y, float width, float height)  {
      this.u1 = x / texWidth;                         // Calculate U1
      this.v1 = y / texHeight;                        // Calculate V1
      this.u2 = this.u1 + ( width / texWidth );       // Calculate U2
      this.v2 = this.v1 + ( height / texHeight );     // Calculate V2

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