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//from   w  w  w. ja  v a  2s  .  co  m
public enum QuoteField {
  SYMBOL("symbol", false), NAME("name", false), UPDATED("update"), QUOTE("kurs"), CHANGE("zmiana"), REFERENCE(
      "kurs_odn"), OPEN("kurs_otw"), MIN("kurs_min"), MAX("kurs_max"), TKO("tko"), TKO_PERCENT(
      "tko_procent"), VOL("wolumen"), VALUE("wartosc"), BID_OFFERS("k_ofert"), BID_VOL("k_wol"), BID(
      "k_lim"), ASK("s_lim"), ASK_VOL("s_wol"), ASK_OFFERS("s_ofert"), IS_INDEX("is_index", false), ID(
      "id", false);

  private final String databaseField;

  private final boolean includeInCv;

  private QuoteField(String databaseField) {
    this(databaseField, true);

  private QuoteField(String databaseField, boolean includeInCv) {
    this.databaseField = databaseField;
    this.includeInCv = includeInCv;

  public String getDatabaseField() {
    return databaseField;

  public boolean isIncludeInCv() {
    return includeInCv;

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