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GNU Lesser General Public License

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Java Source Code

package org.black_mesa.webots_remote_control.listeners;
/*from   w  w w  . j  ava  2s .  c o m*/
import org.black_mesa.webots_remote_control.client.ConnectionState;
import org.black_mesa.webots_remote_control.database.Server;

 * Interface for the listeners of a ConnectionManager.
 * @author Ilja Kroonen
public interface ConnectionManagerListener {
   * Notifies the listener that the state of one of the connections has
   * changed. This will not be called after the server has been removed from
   * the manager.
   * @param server
   *            Server corresponding to the connection of which the state has
   *            changed.
   * @param state
   *            New state of that connection.
  void onStateChange(Server server, ConnectionState state);

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