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Java Source Code

package org.telugudesam.cadre.database;
/*  w w w.j a  v  a 2s  .  co m*/
import android.content.Context;
import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper;
import com.turbomanage.storm.DatabaseHelper;
import com.turbomanage.storm.TableHelper;
import com.turbomanage.storm.api.DatabaseFactory;

 * Provides a singleton instance of the {@link DatabaseHelper} and
 * holds the properties obtained from @Database and @Entity annotations
 * (name, version, and associated tables).
 * @author David M. Chandler
public class Tdp_cadre_boxFactory implements DatabaseFactory {

  private static final String DB_NAME = "tdp_cadre_box";
  private static final int DB_VERSION = 1;
  private static final TableHelper[] TABLE_HELPERS = new TableHelper[] {
    new org.telugudesam.cadre.objects.dao.DevelopmentCardTable()
  private static DatabaseHelper mInstance;

   * Provides a singleton instance of the DatabaseHelper per application
   * to prevent threading issues. See
   * @param ctx Application context
   * @return {@link SQLiteOpenHelper} instance
  public static DatabaseHelper getDatabaseHelper(Context ctx) {
    if (mInstance==null) {
      // in case this is called from an AsyncTask or other thread
        synchronized(Tdp_cadre_boxFactory.class) {
            if (mInstance == null)
          mInstance = new org.telugudesam.cadre.database.DbHelper(
                  new Tdp_cadre_boxFactory());
    return mInstance;

  public String getName() {
    return DB_NAME;

  public int getVersion() {
    return DB_VERSION;

  public TableHelper[] getTableHelpers() {
    return TABLE_HELPERS;

  private Tdp_cadre_boxFactory() {
    // non-instantiable


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