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Java Source Code

//from   w w  w  .java  2  s.  c o  m
import com.thoughtworks.xstream.annotations.XStreamAlias;
import com.thoughtworks.xstream.annotations.XStreamOmitField;

 * Represents a single departure that is expected to happen later today
 * @author Hamilton Turner
public class ScheduledDeparture {
   * Full XML: <RouteShortName>HWD</RouteShortName> <PatternPointName>Burruss
   * Hall</PatternPointName> <AdjustedDepartureTime>9/30/2012 6:43:16
   * PM</AdjustedDepartureTime>
   * <ServiceLevelID>f78b077b-8185-4f47-b7fa-1bca1905113e</ServiceLevelID>
   * <ServiceLevelName>Full Service</ServiceLevelName>
   * <BlockID>a4ff1c0d-0d35-4ed2-8048-6b92ca184265</BlockID>
   * <TripID>51b023be-4011-49f9-8421-28e133ad2be0</TripID>
   * <TripStartTime>1/1/1980 6:15:00 PM</TripStartTime> <TripNotes>Last
   * Departure from Stop</TripNotes>

  public String departureTime;

  public String serviceLevel;

   * Typically a note indicating this is the last bus, or about a delay. There
   * are more than 1 bus on some routes, so there can be multiple `last
   * departure` notes for single route/stop/day combination
  public String tripNotes;

   * All of the below are intended to be ignored, I can't get XStream to
   * ignore the unknown XML

  private String RouteShortName;
  private String PatternPointName;
  private String ServiceLevelID;
  private String BlockID;
  private String TripID;
  private String TripStartTime;

  protected void cleanup() {
    RouteShortName = null;
    PatternPointName = null;
    ServiceLevelID = null;
    BlockID = null;
    TripID = null;
    TripStartTime = null;


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