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The source code is released under:

GNU General Public License

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Java Source Code

package net.uyghurdev.avaroid.picturebookreader;
/* w  w w. j  av  a 2s . c o  m*/
public class Book {

  private int ID;
  private String Title;
  private String Author;
  private String Description;
  private int DownCount;
  private String Language;
  private long PubDate;
  private String CoverImage;
  private String Size;
  public Book(){}

  public void setID(int id){
    ID = id;
  public int getID(){
    return ID;
  public void setTitle(String title){
    Title = title;
  public String getTitle(){
    return Title;
  public void setAuthor(String author){
    Author = author;
  public String getAuthor(){
    return Author;
  public void setDescription(String desc){
    Description = desc;
  public String getDescription(){
    return Description;
  public void setDownCount(int down){
    DownCount = down;
  public int getDownCount(){
    return DownCount;
  public void setLanguage(String lang){
    Language = lang;
  public String  getLanguage(){
    return Language;
  public void setPubDate(long date){
    PubDate = date;
  public long getPubDate(){
    return PubDate;
  public void setCoverImg(String coverimg){
    CoverImage = coverimg;
  public String getCoverImg(){
    return CoverImage;
  public void setSize(String size){
    Size = size;
  public String getSize(){
    return Size;

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