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Java Source Code

package com.wowwee.mipsample;
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public class JoystickDrawer {
  public Bitmap ringBitmap;
  public Bitmap joystickBitmap;
  public Rect ringRect;
  public Rect joystickRect;
  private float drawRatio = 1.0f;
  public JoystickDrawer(Bitmap ringBitmap, Bitmap joystickBitmap)
    this.ringBitmap = ringBitmap;
    this.joystickBitmap = joystickBitmap;
    ringRect = new Rect();
    joystickRect = new Rect();
  public void destroy() {
    ringBitmap = null;
    joystickBitmap = null;
  public void setJoystickBitmap(Bitmap joystickBitmap) {
    this.joystickBitmap = joystickBitmap;
  public void setDrawRatio(float drawRatio)
    this.drawRatio = drawRatio;
    ringRect.right = (int) (ringBitmap.getWidth()*drawRatio);
    ringRect.bottom = (int) (ringBitmap.getHeight()*drawRatio);
    joystickRect.right = (int) (joystickBitmap.getWidth()*drawRatio);
    joystickRect.bottom = (int) (joystickBitmap.getHeight()*drawRatio);
  public float getMaxJoystickValue() {
    return ((ringRect.width() - joystickRect.width()) / 2.0f);
  public void drawJoystick(Canvas canvas, JoystickData data)
    if (data.pointerId != JoystickData.INVALID_POINTER_ID)
      float dragX = data.dragPoint.x - data.startPoint.x;
      float dragY = data.dragPoint.y - data.startPoint.y;
      //compute the drag bound 
      float dragFactor = (ringRect.width() - joystickRect.width()) / 2.0f / (float)Math.sqrt(dragX*dragX + dragY*dragY);
      if (dragFactor < 1.0f)
        dragX *= dragFactor;
        dragY *= dragFactor;
      dragX += data.startPoint.x;
      dragY += data.startPoint.y;
      //draw the outer ring
      Matrix ringMatrix = new Matrix();
      ringMatrix.postScale(drawRatio, drawRatio);
      ringMatrix.postTranslate(data.startPoint.x-ringRect.centerX(), data.startPoint.y-ringRect.centerY());
      canvas.drawBitmap(ringBitmap, ringMatrix, null);
      //draw the joystick
      Matrix joystickMatrix = new Matrix();
      joystickMatrix.postScale(drawRatio, drawRatio);
      joystickMatrix.postTranslate(dragX-joystickRect.centerX(), dragY-joystickRect.centerY());
      canvas.drawBitmap(joystickBitmap, joystickMatrix, null);

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