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Java Source Code

 * @fileoverview This file contains the channels permissions enumeration
 * @author ORTC team members ( 
 *//* w  w w . j  a va2s.c om*/
package ibt.ortc.api;

 * Enumerates the existent permissions for a channel.
 * @version 2.1.0 27 Mar 2013
 * @author IBT
public enum ChannelPermissions {
   * Read permission to the channel, don't allow write in the channel
   * Write permission to the channel, also allows read in the channel
   * Presence permission to the channel, allows token to get the number of subscriptions in the channel
  private ChannelPermissions(String permission){
    this.permission = permission;
  private String permission;
  String getPermission(){
    return this.permission;

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