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Apache License

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Java Source Code

 * Provides a mechanism to parse a limited version of SVG Basic 1.1 files in to <code></code>
 * objects.//  w ww  . ja v  a2 s.c o m
 * This allows vector graphics files to be saved out of illustration software (such as Adobe Illustrator) as SVG Basic
 * and then used directly in an Android app. The <code></code> is a very optimized and
 * convenient vector graphics class. Performance is very good on a wide array of Android devices.
 * <p/>
 * Note that only SVG features that can be directly converted in to Android graphics calls are supported.
 * The following SVG Basic 1.1 features are not supported and will be ignored by the parser:
 * <ul>
 *     <li>All text and font features.
 *     <li>Styles.
 *     <li>Symbols, conditional processing.
 *     <li>Patterns.
 *     <li>Masks, filters and views.
 *     <li>Interactivity, linking, scripting and animation.
 * </ul>
 * Even with the above features missing, users will find that most Illustrator drawings will render perfectly well on
 * Android with this library.
 * See the {@link com.larvalabs.svgandroid.SVGParser SVGParser} class for instructions on how to use the parser.
 * @see com.larvalabs.svgandroid.SVGParser
package com.larvalabs.svgandroid;

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