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MIT License

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Java Source Code

package sample.ble.sensortag.config;
//from   w  w w . java2 s.  com
public interface AppConfig {
    public static final boolean DEBUG = false;
     * Indicates whether BleService is used as remote service.<br/>
     * It would send broadcast messages in this case.
    public static final boolean REMOTE_BLE_SERVICE = false;
     * Indicates whether {@link sample.ble.sensortag.BleSensorsRecordService} would be enabled.
    public static final boolean ENABLE_RECORD_SERVICE = false;
     * Enables magnet sensor to be used while sensor fusion calculation.
    public static final boolean SENSOR_FUSION_USE_MAGNET_SENSOR = false;

    public static final String BLE_DEVICE_NAME = "SensorTag";

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