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Java Source Code

package com.livio.sdl.enums;
/*from  w w  w . j ava2 s . co  m*/
public enum SdlVehicleData {

  GPS("GPS Data"),
  RPM("Engine RPM"),
  FUEL_LEVEL("Fuel Level"),
  FUEL_LEVEL_STATE("Fuel Level State"),
  FUEL_ECONOMY_INST("Fuel Economy (instant)"),
  EXTERNAL_TEMP("External Temperature"),
  VEHICLE_GEAR("Vehicle Gear State"),
  TIRE_PRESSURE("Tire Pressure"),
  SEAT_BELT_STATUS("Seat Belt Status"),
  BODY_INFO("Body Information"),
  DEVICE_STATUS("Device Status"),
  DRIVER_BRAKING("Brake Status"),
  WIPER_STATUS("Windshield Wiper Status"),
  FUEL_ECONOMY_OVR("Fuel Economy (overall)"),
  ENGINE_OIL_LIFE("Engine Oil Life"),
  HEADLIGHT_STATUS("Headlight Status"),
  BATTERY_VOLTAGE("Battery Voltage"),
  BRAKE_TORQUE("Brake Torque"),
  ENGINE_TORQUE("Engine Torque"),
  TURBO_BOOST("Turbo Boost"),
  COOLANT_TEMP("Coolant Temp"),
  AIR_FUEL_RATIO("Air-Fuel Ratio"),
  COOLING_HEAD_TEMP("Cooling Head Temp"),
  ENGINE_OIL_TEMP("Engine Oil Temp"),
  AIR_INTAKE_TEMP("Air Intake Temp"),
  GEAR_SHIFT_ADVICE("Gear Shift Advice"),
  ACC_PEDAL_POSITION("Acceleration Pedal Position"),
  CLUTCH_PEDAL_POSITION("Clutch Pedal Position"),
  REVERSE_GEAR_STATUS("Reverse Gear Status"),
  ACCELERATION_TORQUE("Acceleration Torque"),
  EV_INFO("EV Info"),
  AMBIENT_LIGHT_STATUS("Ambient Light Status"),
  private final String friendlyName;
  private SdlVehicleData(String friendlyName) {
    this.friendlyName = friendlyName;
  public String toString(){
    return this.friendlyName;


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