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GNU General Public License

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Java Source Code

package com.nfc.geo.geonfc.builder;
/*w  ww. j  a  va  2 s  .  com*/

import com.nfc.geo.geonfc.database.InfoEntity;
import com.nfc.geo.geonfc.deviceinfo.DeviceInformation;

public class DataBuilder {

  private static final int NFC = 0;
  private static final int GPS = 1;
  private InfoEntity infEnti;
  private DeviceInformation dinfo;
  private Activity acti;
  public DataBuilder(Activity activity)
    acti = activity;
    dinfo = new DeviceInformation(activity);
   * Mtodo para la construccin de la info
   * @param id El id si es nfc o gps
   * @param tag_id El ID tag
   * @return String con la informacion
  public String buildData(int id, String tag_id, InfoEntity infoe)
    String pre_info = "";

    if(infoe != null)
      infEnti = infoe;

    switch (id) {
    case NFC:
      pre_info = ""+ dinfo.getDeviceImei(acti)+",,NFC,"+infEnti.getTimestamp()+","
      infEnti = new InfoEntity(tag_id, dinfo.getTimestamp(),0,0,0,0,0,"NFC");
      String nfc_info = "$AN"+pre_info.length()+","+pre_info+"\r\n";
      return nfc_info;
    case GPS:
      if(infoe != null)
        if(infoe.getLatitude() != 0.0)
          pre_info = ""+ dinfo.getDeviceImei(acti)+",,GPS,"+infoe.getTimestamp()+
          pre_info = ""+ dinfo.getDeviceImei(acti)+",,GPS,"+infoe.getTimestamp()+

        infEnti = new InfoEntity(null, infoe.getTimestamp(), infoe.getLatitude(),infoe.getLongitude(),infoe.getHdpo()
            , infoe.getSpeed(), infoe.getNum_sattelites(),"GPS");
        pre_info = ""+ dinfo.getDeviceImei(acti)+",,GPS,"+dinfo.getTimestamp()+",,,,V,,,,,"+dinfo.getBatteryInfo(acti)+",";
        infEnti = new InfoEntity(tag_id, dinfo.getTimestamp(),0,0,0,0,0,"GPS");
      String gps_info = "$AN"+pre_info.length()+","+pre_info+"\r\n";
      return gps_info;
    return null;

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