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Java Source Code

package net.sourceforge.jsocks.socks;
/*from w ww .j  a  v a  2 s.  co  m*/
 Exception thrown by various socks classes to indicate errors
 with protocol or unsuccessful server responses.
public class SocksException extends{
    Construct a SocksException with given error code.
    Tries to look up message which corresponds to this error code.
    @param errCode Error code for this exception.
   public SocksException(int errCode){
       this.errCode = errCode;
       if((errCode >> 16) == 0){
          //Server reply error message
          errString = errCode <= serverReplyMessage.length ?
                      serverReplyMessage[errCode] :
          //Local error
          errCode = (errCode >> 16) -1;
          errString = errCode <= localErrorMessage.length ?
                      localErrorMessage[errCode] :
    Constructs a SocksException with given error code and message.
    @param errCode  Error code.
    @param errString Error Message.
   public SocksException(int errCode,String errString){
       this.errCode = errCode;
       this.errString = errString;
    Get the error code associated with this exception.
    @return Error code associated with this exception.
   public int getErrorCode(){
      return errCode;
    Get human readable representation of this exception.
    @return String represntation of this exception.
   public String toString(){
      return errString;

   static final String UNASSIGNED_ERROR_MESSAGE =
                  "Unknown error message";
   static final String serverReplyMessage[] = { 
                  "General SOCKS server failure",
                  "Connection not allowed by ruleset",
                  "Network unreachable",
                  "Host unreachable",
                  "Connection refused",
                  "TTL expired",
                  "Command not supported",
                  "Address type not supported" };

   static final String localErrorMessage[] ={
                  "SOCKS server not specified",
                  "Unable to contact SOCKS server",
                  "IO error",
                  "None of Authentication methods are supported",
                  "Authentication failed",
                  "General SOCKS fault" };

   String errString;
   int errCode;

}//End of SocksException class

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