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The source code is released under:

MIT License

If you think the Android project sleep-timer listed in this page is inappropriate, such as containing malicious code/tools or violating the copyright, please email info at java2s dot com, thanks.

Java Source Code

Copyright (c) 2013 Joel Andrews/*from   w w w.j  av a 2  s  .  c om*/
Distributed under the MIT License:

package com.oldsneerjaw.sleeptimer;

import android.content.Intent;

import java.util.Date;

 * The launching point for the sleep timer.
 * @author Joel Andrews
public class MainActivity extends Activity {

    protected void onResume() {


    protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {
        switch (resultCode) {
            case RESULT_OK:
            case RESULT_CANCELED:

                throw new IllegalArgumentException("Argument resultCode must be be either RESULT_OK or RESULT_CANCELED");

     * Launches the appropriate activity depending on whether the sleep timer is currently running
     * ({@link CountdownActivity}) or not ({@link SetTimerActivity}).
    private void launchActivity() {
        Date scheduledTime = TimerManager.get(this).getScheduledTime();
        Intent intent = getActivityIntent(new Date(), scheduledTime);

        startActivityForResult(intent, 0);

     * Returns an intent that can be used to launch an activity to either schedule a timer or display the timer
     * countdown depending on whether a timer is currently scheduled for the future.
     * @param now The current date and time
     * @param scheduledTime The date and time at which the timer should expire
     * @return An {@link Intent} to launch either {@link SetTimerActivity} or {@link CountdownActivity}.
    Intent getActivityIntent(Date now, Date scheduledTime) {
        Class activityClass;
        if (scheduledTime == null || scheduledTime.getTime() <= now.getTime()) {
            // If the scheduled time occurs in the past, we treat it as if the timer is no longer running
            activityClass = SetTimerActivity.class;
        } else {
            activityClass = CountdownActivity.class;

        return new Intent(this, activityClass)

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