List of Free code Ajax


  • ASP.NET AJAX In Action
    Download the code for the book "ASP.NET AJAX In Action" published by Manning.
  • GenericGrid
    GenericGrid is a developer tool to search and page through large database tables. It is written in ASP.NET, PHP, mySQl & SQL Server, and uses AJAX techniques. Also uses pseudo modal popup windows to Edit and Add new records and with auto return grid record selection.
  • HTML Editor for ASP.NET AJAX
    This Basic Edition of the HTML Editor for ASP.NET AJAX is designed specifically for ASP.NET AJAX. The editor outputs XHTML, constrains tags and attributes to those allowed, is extensible and configurable, and is contained in a single assembly.
  • Open source Social Networking application in 4.0
    Social Networking application in and Ajax. This application contains feature like Message posting, Chatting, Gallery Management, Profile search etc.
  • Typps wysiwyg rich text HTML editor for ASP.NET AJAX
    Typps (formerly jiffycms) is a wysiwyg ASP.NET rich text HTML editor (RTE)
  • zenOS : a free / ajax web os
    Technical features : - use 2.0 (and above) and AJAX - Works with iis 5+ with XP, Vista or Server 2003 - Works in medium trust (can be hosted everywhere !) - Works with SQL Server, MySQL or XML persistence - n-tiers designed web app (Datas persistence, Business...

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