List of Free code Flickr


  • Bongiozzo Photosite
    Simple photo site written using ASP.NET MVC 4.0 over Flickr API and Galleria image gallery framework.
  • Mayando
    A full-featured themeable photoblog (with photos, pages, comments, tags, feeds, ...) that doesn't typically host the photos itself but instead displays them from a configurable photo provider such as Flickr.
  • nFlickrViewer -- > The ASP.Net 2.0 SimpleViewer & Flickr App (w/ Remote Admin)
    > SimpleViewer with full Flickr thumbnail and full-image support > Supports small, medium, large Flickr images > Limit # of Flickr results, to improve performance > Full-featured remote, password-protected Admin Screen > Paypal link to sell your prints > Link to original Flick...

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