List of Free code API


  • .net vkontakte api
    vkontakte .net wrapper vor vkontakte api, written in C# 2.0
  • 2GisApi for .NET
    .NET wrapper for 2Gis API. Helps to find companies in selected region or by selected product.
  • AgileDesign Utilities Library
    This library provides common functionality usable for most software projects: Logger - Asynchronous logging wrapper on top of new Microsoft logging class TraceSource with simplified API NameOf - Avoid using string names using static reflection Left(), Right() and No...
  • Animaonline Weather API
    Gets data from Google's weather feed, and lets the user easily view such properties as forecast conditions, humidity, current temperature and so on.
  • ApiChange
    ApiChange is the Swiss army knife for inspecting your assemblies from the command line. Now you can do basic operations like diff, who uses (method, field, event, ...) and more utility methods. This tool is for everybody who wants to control their Api usage and consistency.
  • ATAPI - Managed TAPI wrapper for TAPI 2.0
    Managed .NET library for interacting with the Microsoft Telephony API (TAPI) 2.x. This library is for creating clients that consume telephony services on Windows XP or better.
  • Authorize.Net C# API
    C# API for doing basic transactions with Authorize.Net.
  • BeanMap
    The BeanMap library provides a collection of Map classes which map a set of one or more keys to a single value. BeanMap may seem only to be a replacement for Dictionary<,> as it provides the same API, but it provides additional API for time saving code patterns.
  • Bing Maps Extensions
    Bing Maps Extensions is a set of helpers that extend Bing Maps for Enterprise with functionality not implemented directly by the Bing Maps API.
  • Bloomberg API Emulator
    Write Bloomberg API code without a Bloomberg account. Code written for the Bloomberg API Emulator also compiles for the actual Bloomberg API.
  • BTC Guild API Parser .Net
    A simple API parser for the BTC Guild and API's. Made in Visual Basic .Net but it is easily convertable to C#. All the user and worker statistics that are available through the API can be accessed through this parser.
  • C4F - Managed Taskbar Sample
    Accompanying code for MSDN Coding 4 Fun article about using the new Windows 7 taskbar from managed code. This uses the Windows API Code Pack from Microsoft to achieve easy interop with the new Windows 7 features. Source code is available in both C# and Visual Basic.
  • CAML Builder
    Small and simple API which allows you to easily write CAML queries, in a declarative way.
  • Carrera .NET API
    Dieses Projekt stellt eine API f?r .NET/C# zur Verf?gung, um mit der Carrera PC-Unit kommunizieren zu k?nnen.
  • Catpic: OpenSocial Container on .NET
    .NET implementation of OpenSocial standard and Google Gadget server based on shindig client-side API
  • Ckknight.StateMachine
    Ckknight.StateMachine is a .NET library that provides a flexible and efficient system for constructing, managing, and using Finite-State Machines. The design uses a fluent API for building the StateMachine, and a typical .NET calling mechanism for using the constructed mach...
  • ContractMeow
    ContractMeow is a Windows 8 Store app developed on top of the Yammer. It offers the a very comprehensive set of classes to help connect and consume Yammer's API
  • Credential Prompt Dialog
    Credential Prompt Dialog utilizes native Win32 API functions and makes it easier to prompt for user credentials with standard Windows dialog window. You'll no longer have to research P.Invoke methods and subtleties in marshalling various structures. It's developed in C#.
  • Crossfader
    The crossfader project on codeplex is to give those interested in the developement and extending of Crossfader a place online todo that. The project will provide the the source for the universal tile control as well as other tools and controls for working with the CF APIs
  • Direct2D for Microsoft .Net
    Direct2D, DirectWrite and Windows Imaging wrappers for .Net. This library allows to access Direct2D, DirectWrite and Windows Imaging Windows API from applications written in C#, Visual Basic.
  • DiscogsConnect
    DiscogsConnect is a .NET client library for the V2 REST API of Discogs.
  • DisqusSharp
    DisqusSharp is a library to help you access the Disqus REST api from C# (and other CLR languages).
  • DotNetLocalizer
    Use this application to internationalize your .NET or Android application. Currently uses Google translation APIs so you will need a Google API key.
  • EasyHook - The reinvention of Windows API Hooking
    EasyHook starts where Microsoft Detours ends. Supports extending (hooking) unmanaged code (APIs) with pure managed ones, from within a fully manage environment.
  • Eloqua Rest API Client
    Eloqua Rest API Client
  • en2ki
    en2ki (Evernote to Kindle) reads Evernote data using API and create Kindle data in MOBI in its periodical format.
  • eStreamDesk Notifier
    eStreamDesk Notifier makes it easier for support agents to be notified of new helpdesk tickets and ticket comments. It's developed in C# for .NET 4.0 and is using the eStreamDesk API.
  • Exchange Legacy API Scanner
    Microsoft Exchange Server has a long history of creating APIs that you can use to extend and integrate your applications with Exchange. This project aims to support people to find code which uses APIs which are not longer supported in Exchange 2010.
  • Extension Methods API
    The goal of this project is to create a useful extension method library.
  • FatSecret Sharp - Nutrition, Food and Exercise Service C# API Wrappers
    A collection of service wrappers for retrieving food nutrition, and diet and exercise tracking powered by REST based API's.
  • Finestra Virtual Desktops
    A virtual desktop manager made for Windows Vista and 7 using the new thumbnail APIs to create a live preview of all of your desktops. It also supports Windows XP. Organize all of your open windows with a full screen interactive virtual desktop preview.
  • Fluent Method and Type Builder
    This .NET library allows you to create types at run-time using an easy-to-use Fluent API that even looks like Basic code.
  • FluentSharp
    Fluent based CSharp APIs
  • FogLampz
    FogLampz is a .NET wrapper around around the FogBugz API.
  • foldier API library
    C# library to access foldier API.
  • GAC Manager
    Manage the Global Assembly Cache with this powerful application - or use the API to perform your own operations. Check out GAC Manager now!
  • Geoserver.Rest.Net
    Starting point for .NET users to communicate with the GeoServer REST API
  • Google Prediction API for C# .NET
    It's the Google Prediction API in a very convenient .NET library, written in C#.
  • Google Speech Recognition Example
    Google Speech Recognition contains a working example of application that uses google speech recognition API. App contains all necessary dlls to record, decode and send your voice request to google service and recieve a text representation of what you've said. It's developed i...
  • GPS.NET 2.0
    A formerly commercial GPS component for .NET. Includes support for mobile devices and automatic GPS device detection. Also supports the GPS Intermediate Driver with no dependency on Microsoft's GPS API.
  • Gravatar.NET
    Gravatar.NET is a library that wraps the Gravatar API allowing developers to easily make use of all of its methods to allow their users to create, delete and choose their on-line avatar photo without leaving the application. It's developed in C#.
  • Guild Wars 2 .Net
    A (currently simple) .NET implementation of the Guild Wars 2 public API.
  • HappyBin AutoUpdater
    HappyBin is an auto-updater for .NET apps. It is designed as an api, and can be used as a boot-strap or a passive updater. Every app deserves a HappyBin!
  • HP Application LifeCycle Management Rest API Wrapper
    This is .Net Wrapper of HP Application LifeCycle Management Rest API.
  • HyperV C# Library
    A C# wrapper library for the Hyper-V API.
  • IMDb API
    C# Class for grabbing data from the IMDb website.
  • Implementation of Hydrological Model(TOPMODEL) in Arcmap using ArcObjects API
    This is a project which implements the topmodel in ArcMap environment.
  • Helper Library
    A .net helper library that encapsulates all the functionality of the API at in .NET CLR objects.
  • Kinect API
    API of motion detection for Kinect. Based on OpenNI, write in C#.
  • LargeCMS full sample (How to call CryptMsg API in streaming mode)
    LargeCms implements SignedLargeCMS and EnvelopedLargeCMS classes, my own version of .NET SignedCms and EnvelopedCMS to work with large data. It shows a way to call CryptMsg API in streaming mode to overcome the limitations of current .NET classes
  • Live-Exchange Calendar Sync
    Live - Exchange Calendar Sync synchronizes calendars of users between 2 Exchange servers (it can be Live Calendar also). It's developed in C#. It uses EWS Managed API (ver. 1.0) & Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper library(ver. 1.4.2).
  • LiveNet
    A .NET 2.0 wrapper for Windows Live Spaces Photos API and Windows Live Contacts API using WL Data.
  • MailChimp Sync Module (.NET API)
    MailChimp Sync Module makes it easier for developers to synchronize their lists from any datasource to mailchimp. It's developed in C# on the mailchimp .NET wrapper.
  • Managed WimgApi
    A managed wrapper for the native Windows Imaging API (WIMGAPI). The classes and methods are as close to the original API as possible.
  • managedCUDA
    managedCUDA makes the CUDA Driver API available in .net applications written in C#, Visual Basic or any other .net language. It also includes classes for an easy handling and interop with CUDA, i.e. build-in CUDA types like float3.
  • Mandrill API Wrapper
    An API wrapper using restsharp and c#. The Manrill API is still beta, so updates may occur rapidly. The api was created to use anonymous objects for inputs, so that changes to the input parameters would not impact the api. See the documentation for a few examples. Keep ...
  • Map Report
    MapReport is .NET 2.0 library for easy creation of map reports. MapReport uses Google Maps API, however you don't have to worry about Google Maps API at all - MapReport is completly server-based. The main goal of this project is to give developer ability to create cool looking...
  • MapSharp
    An implementation of Map-Reduce in C#, combining a flexible design with a simple API. Allows distributed computing in a LAN of .NET machines.
  • Mindmeister API
    .Net wrapper for Mindmeister API (
  • MultiMonitorHelper
    API decided to help manage states of multiple monitors, using C# language. It will allow to extend and clone monitors easily(abstracting WinXP, Vista, 7, and 8)
    A collection of usefull API's and extensions that have been built out of necessity.
  • NDEF Library for Proximity APIs / NFC
    Easily parse and create NDEF records with the Windows Proximity APIs for Near Field Communication (NFC).
  • NHS HL7 CDA Document Developer
    A project to demonstrate how templated HL7 CDA documents can be created by using a common API. The API is designed to be used in .NET applications. A number of examples are provided using C#
  • NTmdb
    A wrapper for the TMDb API written in C# .Net 4.5.
  • Orchard Forms Module
    Orchard Forms is a set of APIs to create Forms and reuse them.
  • Orchard Task Lease
    This Orchard module provides some API to prevent two machine of a server farm from executing the same tasks.
  • Parrot AR Drone 2.0 for Windows 8 Store Apps
    An API that allows you to write Windows Store Apps for Windows 8 to fly the Parrot AR Drone 2.0.
  • PCL Storage
    Provides a consistent, portable set of APIs to access local storage across .NET platforms.
  • Plurk api by using C#
    dotplurk is wrapper class of Plurk Official API by using C#
  • Polaris ArenaNet GuildWars 2
    This project provides wrapper libraries that provide high-level access to the Guild Wars 2 API
  • Portable Basemap Server
    multiple map data source<--PBS-->multiple map api
  • PrintSpoolerLibrary
    PrintSpoolerLibrary is an abstraction of the windows print spooler subsystem. It provides all printing and print spooler functions with an easy to use .NET API. It also provides events when a printjob was printed or a printer has been changed.
  • RentACarRESTApi
    Rent A Car REST Api
  • Ril#
    .net library to use the public public API
  • RpgParadize API
    RpgParadize API writted in C#
  • Scribd.Net
    A C# client library written against the API.
  • SharpZebra
    A C# library that simplifies the process of printing to Zebra printers. We hope that this library abstracts enough of the EPL2 language needed to communicate with the Zebra branded printers. It's a simple library and a small set of APIs that should be easy enough to extend an...
  • Skype - Skype4Com Event Handler Example ("SEHE")
    SEHE is an example of how to use the Skype API. The full C# project, including source code, and heavily commented is available for download.
  • Smart Voice
    Smart Voice let's you control Skype using your voice. It allows you to write messages, issue phone calls, etc. This application was developed thinking in cars and was made for a curricular unit at my university. Currently I'm using C#/.NET, Microsoft SAPI and the Skype API.
  • SmartMathLibrary
    The SmartMathLibrary brings scientific computing to the .NET platform. It offers an object-oriented API for linear- and nonlinear algebra, calculus, analysis, advanced functions of real, complex, quanternion and octonion numbers, system of equation solving and many more.
  • StackOverflow.Net
    A C# library for the StackOverflow API (currently in beta). Provides methods for every call currently in the StackOverflow API.
  • Stop Forum Spam .Net
    A .NET wrapper for the Stop Forum Spam API (
  • System Center Service Manager API
    This API is for System Center Service Manager. It is written in C# and abstracts the more difficult aspects of service manager customization.
  • System Center Service Manager Facade
    This project is c# facade API around SCSM objects using T4 templates and code
  • System.Net.UPnP
    A managed Universal Plug-and-Play API library to allow application developers to implement any UPnP role in their application.
  • Tabular AMO 2012
    Tabular AMO 2012 is about creating and managing tabular models using the AMO api. It is a developer?s sample, for those interested in managing Analysis Services
  • Terraria Map Generator
    This tool will generate the map tiles and data needed to display a terraria world using the google maps api.
    The point of this Project is to get community members to develop a TFS API that does exactly what the API provided by Microsoft does just in a simple to use way
  • Twilio for Windows 8 "Metro-style" Applications
    This example is specifically designed to show how to leverage existing .NET skillsets to build Windows 8 "Metro-style" applications, using the outstanding Twilio platform, and the Twilio.Api library from John Sheehan.
  • UCMA Cellular Sample
    The UCMA Cellular Service sample demonstrates how the Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA) v2.0 can be used to publish and subscribe to the presence of users, as well as publish and subscribe to custom activities and custom presence.
  • Vimeo Advanced API - .NET Wrapper
    A Vimeo Advanced API wrapper for .NET
  • VimeoDotNet
    VimeoDotNet helps you easily access the Vimeo Advanced API from your .NET 4.0 based applications, and provides helpers for Uploading and other actions.
  • Visual Rx
    Visual Rx is a bundle of API and a Viewer which can monitor and visualize Rx datum stream (at run-time).
  • W3C API Validator Client
    W3C API validator client library with source codes and sample application
  • WebPageTest .NET wrapper
    WebPagetest .NET API wrapper
  • Win33
    Win33 - C# style wrapper around Win32 API
  • Windows Live Contacts API for .NET
    Windows Live Contacts API for .NET was created for C# .NET developers who wish to call Windows Live Contacts APIs based on REST.
  • Windows Live Sidebar Gadget
    Windows Live Sidebar Gadget. Use Windows Live API Features, such Live Writer publish, Live Photo upload, album management, Manage Messenger Contacts.
  • Windows Mobile and Phone 7 Syndication API
    Mobile Syndication API classes, with support for rss20 and atom10.
  • Windows Mobile Unified Sensor API
    The Windows Mobile Unified Sensor API allows developers to easily access the hardware sensors that are available on various phones. Sensors: Light Sensor Capacitive Touch Pad Accelerometer Devices: HTC Touch * Samsung Omnia/Instinct
  • WinRT Bouncy Castle
    The Bouncy Castle API provides many cryptoghraphic APIs to every developpers. It is a port targetting WinRT (Windows Store apps & WP8) of the original C# branch
  • Wolfram Alpha Api 2.0
    20 january 2011 open new version of wolfram alpha api, version 2.0. This project will help you to work with the new api. Knowledge is power!
  • Word API for .NET
    This project focuses on introducing what is Spire.Doc for .NET and how to use it. It includes a summary, source code, downloads and documentation.

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