List of Free code Facebook


  • DNN Fanbox
    dot net nuke plugin facebook fanbox
  • Facebook API for C#.NET developers
    Facebook API for C#.NET developers helps C#.NET developers to build windows/web applications that are integrated with Facebook. This API/ SDK follows the latest Facebook Graph API commands ensuring smooth execution. The class library is developed in C#.Net (.net framework 4.0)
  • Facebook Notifier
    The FBNotifier is an application that alerts you when you have new Facebook messages or notification. It displays an icon in your system tray to let you know you have something new, without you having to open a web browser.
  • Facebook Suite Orchard module
    The Facebook Suite module enriches Orchard sites with Facebook-related functionality. Features include authentication with Facebook and social plugins.
  • Facebook Test User Manager
    This is an Utility Tool to manage Facebook Test Users. According to Facebook, We will manage it by New Developper App by Q3 2011. But I can't wait it, so I create this tool.
  • fbasync - An Asynchronous Facebook API for .NET
    fbasync is a fully asynchronous library for .NET designed to be scalable and performant, for those of us that want to build large scale Facebook applications. After developing software with the Facebook Developer Toolkit it became clear that a new library would have to be writ...
  • Fishbowl for Facebook
    WPF prototype application for browsing your Facebook network that lights up on Windows 7.
  • IVR Junction
    IVR Junction connects an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to cloud services such as YouTube, Facebook and other social media.
  • LiveUpload to Facebook
    LiveUpload to Facebook is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker that makes it easy for anyone to upload their photos and videos to Facebook.
  • SmugMug on Facebook
    "SmugMug on Facebook" is a Facebook application that allows you to feature photographs from your SmugMug account on your Facebook profile. It was originally built as an excuse to learn Orcas, LINQ, the SmugMug API and the Facebook API. But it actually turned out to be a modera...
  • Web Applicatons Wrapper
    WebAppWrapper is application, which makes web applications (like facebook, gmail, hotmail, etc.) looks like real applicationwith shortcut on desktop, start menu etc. It is wrapper around IE engine and has only content window. It's developed in C#.

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