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  • DotNetSCORM
    The purpose of the DotNetSCORM? project is to create an Open Source Learning Management System using .Net technologies. There are currently several SCORM compliant Learning Management System?s written in Java and PHP. These are mostly based upon the ADL Sample RTE. However due...
  • Facebook Data Store Client API
    Facebook has a beta distributed Data Store accessible through REST web services. There is already a provisional PHP client API in existence, but there is no C# API - until now! Requires the source to the Facebook Toolkit from Claritycon:
  • Gallery2 .NET Toolkit: Tools for end users & developers can use with Gallery2
    Gallery2 is a PHP based photo gallery system (see and this project contains some tools to work with the remote api via C#.
  • Lync Presence & Chat Widget
    The Lync Presence widget shows Lync presence information on your website. Website visitors can start chat conversations using the Lync Chat widget. The widgets are jQuery plugins communicating with a WCF Service. Place them on any kind of website (PHP, .NET) and style with CSS.
  • Phalanger - The PHP Language Compiler for the .NET Framework
    Phalanger is a new PHP implementation introducing the PHP language into the family of compiled .NET languages. It provides PHP applications an execution environment that is fast and extremely compatible with the vast array of existing PHP code. Phalanger maintains the way how PHP
  • Php for Visual Studio (Php4VS)
    The Php4VS is a Package for Visual studio which aims to do the same thing as some others do, but with one difference : for FREE !
  • PHP Manager for IIS
    PHP Manager for IIS is a GUI for managing multiple PHP installations on the IIS server.
  • PHP MySQL Web Site Creator
    PHP MySQL Web Site Creator helps you create a basic template for your web site using a UI form. I creates all PHP, CSS, HTML basic pages to connect to MySQL database.
  • PHP Vulnerability Hunter
    PHP Vulnerability Hunter is an whitebox fuzz testing tool capable of detected several classes of vulnerabilities in PHP web applications.
  • PHPPowerPoint
    Project providing a set of classes for the PHP programming language, which allow you to write to and read from different file formats, like PowerPoint 2007, ... This project is built around Microsoft's OpenXML standard and PHP.
  • SQL CRUD Application Wizard for PHP
    The SQL CRUD Wizard for PHP is a sample .NET Application that can be used to generate a simple "Create, Read, Update, Delete" PHP application from a Microsoft SQL Server Database Table. The generated PHP application supports paging, sorting and simple CSS customization.
  • Tireguit Nmon Analyzer
    An AIX and linux Nmon Analyzer; It uses SQL Compact 3.5 and C#. For more information on Nmon please visit
  • plug-in for HouseBot
    This plug-in will parse the xml feed and display in HouseBot automation software. Please note that it requires the c# wrapper to work found here:
  • Windows Azure Command-line Tools for PHP Developers
    The ?Windows Azure Command-line tools for PHP? provide a command-line experience to developers who wish to develop, package, and deploy PHP applications to the Windows Azure Cloud
  • Xtreme Builder
    Xtreme Builder is a PHP website builder.
  • Young PHP Studio
    YPHP aims Good PHP IDE on Windows.

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