List of Free code Audio


  • AirReceiver
    AirReceiver is an AirPort Express emulator, i.e. it allows streaming audio from iTunes and iOS devices to a computer running AirReceiver. It does so by implementing a RAOP/AirTunes2 server.
  • Audio Framework
    Audio Framework aimed at Onset Detection in Java.
  • Azzet
    An Asset Loading Library in Java. Load assets from any source (classpath, file system, web, database, etc) in many formats (XML, JSON, audio, images, etc) either directly or in a background process.
  • iex audio
    A cordova plugin that exposes a native audio object that mimics the HTML 5 Audio object's API.
  • libjitsi
    libjitsi is an advanced Java media library for secure real time audio/video communication. It allows applications to capture, playback, stream, encode/decode and encrypt audio and video flows. It also allows for advanced features such as audio mixing.
  • microphone on the web
    An applet for recording audio on web pages and uploading them to a web server.
  • Mumble Positional Audio Framework
    Murmur plugin which uses Positional Audio data to manage Murmur servers.
  • Social Audio Player
    C345 Mobile Applications Development Assignment 2.
  • TarsosDSP
    TarsosDSP is a Java library for audio processing. Its aim is to provide an easy to use interface to practical audio (signal) processing algorithms.
  • tumblej
    Tumblr API Java Client Library to provide capabilities to update tumblr blogs with text, link, quote, image , audio and video posts.
  • wissl
    Wissl is a Java audio streaming server with a modern web interface.

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