List of Free code Spring Hibernate


  • aplikasi bukualamat
    Contoh Aplikasi dengan Spring dan Hibernate.
  • catamaran
    Easy to use web framework based on Spring MVC, Hibernate and Freemarker. More at http://
  • catamaran framework
    Easy to use java web application framework on top of Spring MVC, Hibernate and Freemarker.
  • chat springmvc hibernate
    A sample application with Spring (MVC, Security ), Hibernate and JQuery.
  • FlowerPaper
    bbs spring mvc hibernate.
  • Group Deal Clone
    A Java clone for sites such as GroupOn. This uses Spring 3, Hibernate 4, Apache Tiles and Maven.
  • hibernate 1
    Spring and Hibernate integration.
  • hibernate 4 spring 3.1 samples
    showcases how to integrate Spring 3.1 and Hibernate 4 (with or without JPA ).
  • hibernate spring struts bookstore
    Hibernate +Spring+Struts Training Application.
  • integration generic dao
    SpringMVC + Spring Security + Hibernate 3 + GenericDAO.
  • itjobboard
    job portal using spring 3.1, hibernate 4.1, spring security.
  • javarch
    Simple Java EE application reference architecture based on Java Server Faces, Spring Framework , Hibernate.
  • kickstart springjerseyhibernate
    A fully functional project configured with spring, spring security, REST (with Jersey) and Hibernate. The intent is to provide a bootstrap for this configuration.
  • MavenSpringHibernateMockito
    This is a sample project for Spring MVC, Hibernate and Maven integration along with Mockito thrown in for Unit Testing.
  • methodvalidation integration
    This project is the a playground for prototyping the integration of the method level validation feature new in Hibernate Validator 4.2 and frameworks providing adequate AOP/interception facilities such as CDI or Spring AOP.
  • musicserver
    Test project to create a database using a Java program using Spring / Hibernate / postgres and maybe some Akka.
  • PolyglotSpringMVC
    Web project with Java using Spring Framework and Hibernate.
  • Project
    Squelette d'un projet maven multi module utilisant Spring (IOC/MVC/ Security ) 3.0.5 ,Hibernate3.
  • scandilabs framework
    Easy to use java web application framework on top of Spring MVC, Hibernate and Freemarker.
  • shared issues
    This is an issue management software which i made for my orientation project in my university. It uses spring, and hibernate frameworks in addition to JAVA EE. his project contains.
  • shdemo
    Spring + Hibernate + tests.
  • Spring Hibernate SQLite
    Small XBMC library Administration tools.
  • spring hibernate springdata springmvc maven project framework
    This project provides sample hibernate entities, spring data entities, akka actors to offload mail sending like jobs, models, repositories, services and controllers classes. There are also many framework level classes to help handle exceptions and errors.
  • spring hibernate validator sample
    Sample project illustrating the usage of Hibernate Validator's support for method validation together with Spring.
  • spring mvc base
    Template Maven Project with Spring MVC and Hibernate configured.
  • spring mvc hibernate
    Project to show basics of Spring MVC and Hibernate.
  • spring mvc hibernate skeleton
    A clean skeleton for creating a new Spring MVC application with Hibernate persistance.
  • spring rest template
    Spring Rest Template built and dependency managed with Maven. Hibernate, Spring Security, Jackson JSON parser integrated... Just ready to go.
  • spring social hibernate jpa
    Hibernate Implementation of Spring Social JPA.
  • spring3 hibernate4 app framework
    A framework of Spring 3 + Hibernate 4 integration for Java application.
  • SpringHibernate Samples
    Sample Projects for Spring and Hibernate integration.
  • SpringStrutsHibernate
    Struts1, Spring, Hibernate, JasperReport, Spring Security and Maven.
  • TendereteOnline
    A Java EE web application of an Online Shop with Hibernate + Spring + Hibernate + Bootstrap + jQuery.
  • TicketsOn spring
    Small project for improvement Java knowledges and the most popular frameworks (Spring 3 and Hibernate 3).
  • TJJ Database Management System
    A Simple Java Web HomeWork(Struts, Hibernate, Spring).
  • UMAC UserManagementAccessControl
    Access Control and User Management Web Application based on Spring MVC, Spring Security , Hibernate and Maven.

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