List of Free code Swing


  • AlphaSwing
    A Swing Framework to make easy desktop application development with Java.
  • animation
    animation framework for java swing.
  • bActivityPlace
    Activities & Place framework for Java Swing.
  • data explorer
    A Java Swing utility to explore RDBMS data and map synonyms to a common vocabulary.
  • Database Analyzer
    A java Swing based Database Management Tool, to create a basic layout of your database (including relations, attributes, attribute types and functional dependencies). From this created layout you can get the current normalform of the database and each relation. Relations can be normalized into a higher NF, up to BCNF. It also includes a graphical representation of the database.
  • dddails
    A DDD framework for pure java. Some impressive units of functionality necessary for such a framework are well tested and completely functional, including: simple data validation, swing ui/controller scaffolding, serializable transfer objects cooked up by convention sans core business logic, etc.
  • Fugu Java
    Java framework that supports both J2ME and Swing.
  • g wiz
    A Java Swing wizard framework.
  • Gw2InfoViewer
    Java Swing based application that reads the Guild Wars 2 JSON API.
  • ImageCreation
    This is a desktop application for flex printing shop.Developed using java swing and MySQL for database.
  • Java CRUD
    CRUD application based on the Swing Application Framework.
  • JRFramework
    Java Swing an Hibernate Framework.
  • JSONSwing
    SWING Based Editor tools for JSON.
  • JXEngine
    A tiny GUI rendering engine for Java Swing, AWT, SWT or custom widget developed using Java. It uses XML framework to define GUI component and properties. Thus separating application logic for graphical presentation and interaction.
  • net.bogdoll.wizards
    Basic java wizard framework for Swing.
  • pub array
    A swing based java application for building web applications from analized microarray data.
  • rainbow
    Sample animation and transition techniques for Swing.
  • Rhegium
    An application framework for desktop or web applications based on Google Guice and Vaadin, Swing or possibly SWT. Featuring some more special features like ACL supporting security framework, a MVC layer, a simple network layer to communicate with other applications or instances, direct support for JSR 303 (Bean Validation), mailing and some more stuff.
  • RSyntaxTextArea
    A syntax highlighting, code folding text editor for Java Swing applications.
  • sample library
    A library for building and distributing example libraries, written in java and swing.
  • SAW Java Components
    SAW_ Java Components is a framework for creating Java Swing Components that are extended by several interactive capabilities like dragging, support of selection rectangles and others.
  • SimpleMVC
    A simple implementation of the MVC pattern written in Java using Swing as UI Framework.
  • sliding layout
    A powerful Java Swing panel/layout with cool transitions involving sliding subpanels.
  • smallcrab
    java mass data analysis and visualization, with a swing gui.
  • SquidLib
    Useful tools for working with Grid World in Java Swing panels. Comments and suggestions are very welcome!.
  • theotherpages
    A server side pagination framework. It can be used for both web based and Java Swing based applications seamlessly. Also provides integration points to existing UI pagination frameworks like displaytag.
  • treasuremap
    Simple and standalone use of JSR 296 (Swing Application Framework ) ResourceMap implementation. Java 1.5+ compatible.
  • UISpec4J
    Java /Swing GUI testing made simple!.
  • upm swing
    Java SWING version of Universal Password Manager.
  • VividSwingAnimations
    A simple and powerful java swing animation framework.
  • Web Server python Cliente java
    Aplicacao teste utilizando um web server python + tornado sendo acessado por um cliente swing java.
  • weblaf
    WebLaF is a Java Look and Feel library for cross platform Swing applications.
  • ZJWizard Framework
    A wizard framework for java swing gui applications.

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