List of Free code XML


  • aalto xml
    Ultra high performance non blocking XML processor (Stax API + extensions).
  • android code generator plugin fx
    Eclipse plugin for faster activity creation from xml layouts.
  • bahnclient
    A simple client for talking to the Deutsche Bahn XML API.
  • CF reports
    Web based reporting app in Java , using XML as report input files. Built lovingly in 2006.
  • eaxy
    Easy XML library for Java.
  • eclipse wtp xml search
    Eclipse WTP/ XML Search.
  • edifact xml
    A complete java parser library for converting UN Edifact messages to XML.
  • exo. social .component.xmlprocessor
    eXo Social : XML Processor.
  • gradle jrebel plugin
    The plugin generates rebel. xml configuration file for the Gradle based project.
  • gson xml
    Java library for XML deserialization.
  • ISAconfigurator
    The ISAconfigurator allows for creation of XML files (configuration files) used to build spreadsheets in the ISAcreator and for validation in the creator and ISAvalidation code. Led by Eamonn Maguire, Philippe Rocca Serra (Uni. of Oxford).
  • jar2 xml
    Java Archive API extraction tool.
  • java glances
    A Java library for the Glances XML RPC API.
  • jdom
    Java manipulation of XML made easy.
  • libSBOLxml
    A Java library for parsing and serializing SBOL XML.
  • msv
    The Sun Multi Schema XML Validator (MSV) is a Java technology tool to validate XML documents against several kinds of XML schemata. It supports RELAX NG, RELAX Namespace, RELAX Core, TREX, XML DTDs, and a subset of XML Schema Part 1. The project is licensed under the BSD license.
  • ObjectMapper
    A java library for the automatic mapping of custom classes to and from XML /SOAP. With ObjectMapper, you can build XML and SOAP packets automatically based on your complex objects, potentially saving hundreds of lines of serialization code.
  • ontmalizer
    A tool that performs comprehensive transformations of XML Schemas (XSD) and XML data to RDF/OWL automatically.
  • OpenSource Quiz
    A simple Java web application for conducting an online quiz. Put all your questions in the XML files. OpenSource Quiz will pick the questions randomly.
  • osm2geojson
    Tool to convert open street map xml to geojson.
  • osw model
    Common data model, XML parsers/writers and other interfaces.
  • rhinoforms
    A simple forms framework with Java Script validation methods run client and server side, fields are bound to XML.
  • rivr
    Rivr is a lightweight open source dialogue engine enabling Java developers to easily create enterprise grade Voice XML applications.
  • scriptlet4docx
    Fully functional groovy template scriptlets inside a docx document. No need to edit docx xml source code. All scripting can be written in MS Word.
  • StaxMate
    StaxMate: Automatic Shifting for Streaming XML Processing.
  • twinkql
    Twinkql is a SPARQL to Object Mapping Framework that lets you specify your SPARQL queries in XML, instead of in your code, and map the results to Java Beans.
  • vox attendant
    A Voice XML based, speech driven auto attendant that can connect callers with any person or group with an enterprise, via their desk, cellular, or VoIP phones. Vox attendant is distributed under the MPL license.
    A Framework to create and edit quickly xml files within your Java application.
  • x2o
    x2o is a framework for two way conversion between a declarative XML based model and Java objects.
  • XBlink
    easy to serialize objects to XML /JSON/YAML and back again with Java.
  • xins
    XML Interface for Network Services.
  • xiss
    Simple XML builder/parser API for Java.
  • xmlcalabash1
    XML Calabash, an XProc processor.
  • xmlresolver
    The xmlresolver project provides an advanced implementation of the SAX EntityResolver, the Transformer URIResolver, and a new NamespaceResolver. The implementation uses the OASIS XML Catalogs V1.1 Standard to provide a mapping from public identifiers to local resources.
  • xsd2thrift
    This tool allows for converting XML Schema files (.xsd) to Thrift (.thrift) and Protocol Buffers (.proto).

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