List of Free code Animation


  • AdobeEdge Animation 1
    Shows a simple result of an Adobe Edge beta keyframe animation creator.
  • AdobeEdge Animation 2
    This is a slightly more advanced animation experiment using the Adobe Edge beta.
  • AlligatorEggs
    Yet another animation of Bret Victor's "Alligator Eggs!".
  • amtrak animation
    Azavea art hack day.
  • angular tabs
    Angular: simple tabs with animation.
  • animation app
    test with my son.
  • Animation Checker
    Upload your spritesheet and set the number of frames and then click the button to see how smooth your animation is.
  • Animation Toolkit
    The Animation Toolkit contains simple programs that have been written to support the integration of animations , which have been created using dedicated tools such as Adobe After Effects, into other software.
  • Animations
    Animations on one webpage.
  • animations in using winJS dncmag 02
    Explore Animation in WinRT Apps using the WinJs JavaScript library The source code has been explained in the DNC Magazine, Issue 01. This magazine is "absolutely free" and you can get it over here.
  • AnimController
    This library gives an animation control.
  • annie
    A super tiny library for authoring cross browser animations.
  • Bazaarvoice Hello World
    A sample application using the Bazaarvoice API to show incoming product reviews animated on a Google Earth based globe.
    My personal website where I play around with animations and other JavaScript.
  • bubba
    Benchmarking Using Browser Based Animation (erlang, yaws, d3.js).
  • Button Animations
    JavaScript class for button animations in CommandFusion iViewer.
  • click indicator
    The GoInstant Click Indicator widget provides real time click animations for your application. This allows the local user to see where remote users click on the page.
  • Collision Detection for EaselJS
    Pixel Perfect and BoundingBox Collision Detector for EaselJS Bitmaps and Bitmap Animations.
  • Dandelion
    A PaperJS powered animation of dandelion seeds blowing in the wind.
  • Dot Matrix Animator
    A tool for creating dot matrix animation.
  • dspb banner
    Animation banner for
  • Exquis
    Dashboard d' animations qui r?agissent les unes aux autres un cadavre exquis... anim?!.
  • Finite State Machine
    This is a finite state machine written in javascript with five examples: a button, animation , draggable line, resizable div, and a splitable div.
  • fireworks.js
    A silly JavaScript animation experiment, originally written in 2005.
  • flan
    An animation library for the Javascript functional reactive library Flapjax.
  • flyingbird
    A Raphael.js animation of a bird flying, and dying (if you click him) that Gus and I made.
  • flywheel
    Animation loop utility lib.
  • frame by frame animation js
    Simple Frame By Frame Animation on Javascript.
  • fx
    A lightweight and standalone JavaScript library for animation and effects.
  • gnome shell impatience
    speed up gnome shell animations.
  • google maps api threejs layer
    Google Maps API layer that uses Three.js to for super fast animation.
  • guignol.js
    A lightweight JavaScript animation library.
  • hertz
    Measures frame rate with request Animation Frame.
  • iOS drawing animation
    Different ways to have a drawing animation effect in iOS.
  • ITP OpenSource Animation
    ITP Open Source Animation course materials, fall 2012.
  • jclip
    JClip is a new way to make animations and control jpegs, you can use as a "gif" file or control like a Flash Movieclip.
  • js animation practice
    Experiments with JS animation.
  • kanima
    Kopf Animation , in Javascript.
  • keplerator
    A library of ancient and medieval astronomic model animations.
  • KMLData Animation
    Similar to the GPS track animation. Plots KML data on a map depending on the event time.
  • knockback navigators
    KnockbackNavigators.js provides page navigators, a pane navigator, and transition animations to help you make dynamic, single page applications. They are platform agnostic so you can even use them without using Knockback.js or Knockout.js!.
  • layer anim
    a professional javascript animation widget.
  • loading animation
    This is a testing repository for loading animation.
  • main
    some animation based on javascript and htmlObject.
  • making things move
    JavaScript port of Foundation Actionscript 3.0 Animation : Making Things Move! book by Keith Peters.
  • map marker drop
    Marker drop animation on a map.
  • massanimate
    Fast animation of hundreds of elements at once using Stylesheet rules.
  • mousey
    Create mouse like animations with hovers and clicks.
  • mt orford trails
    Map with animation of some of the trails at Mt. Orford (uses d3.js).
  • Natures Footprint Part 1 Leaf Animation
    Part 1 of Animated Projection designed for ITP Winter Show 2012 with Amik Ahmad.
  • nycrr map animation
    Google Map Animation of the 2013 NYC Marathon Route.
  • openfrance
    An anamorphic projection of France with animation.
  • openlayers animation
    Contains OpenLayers animation extension.
  • orcas firstaid animations
    temp repo for animations content.
  • phylowood
    Browser based Interactive Phylogeographic Animations.
  • polyfills pkg
    JavaScript Polyfills set includes request Animation Frame,, Array.indexOf, and Function.bind.
  • practice animation with createjs
    practice animation with createjs.
  • purpleplayer
    JavaScript player for Purple animations.
  • raft.js
    request animation frame timer/template.
  • Raphael Cat s Cradle
    Attempt to redo my "cat's cradle" 2004 Flash animation in Raphael.js.
  • rekapi controls
    Graphical controls for Rekapi animations.
  • request Animation Frame
    Polyfill for request Animation Frame/cancel Animation Frame.
  • scantjs
    Scant.js: Simple Chainerrific Animation for Nodelike Things.
  • scenario
    extension for easy batch animation.
  • scroll based animation
    An easy way to create scroll based animation.
  • shporter
    Shporter is a Flash extension that exports timeline animation into different formats (Spriter only currently).
  • Simple Animation
    A JavaScript library to create complex animations , simple.
  • smart.js
    animation librariy for smart phone.
  • space travel
    A calculator and very homemade animation for aspiring interplanetary and interstellar space travellers. See
  • SpriteClip.js
    Frame by frame animations in JS made easy by using an interface similar to AS3's MovieClip.
  • spriter.js
    A JavaScript API for the Spriter SCML animation data format.
  • startit lab function animation timer
    use timer to do some silly animation.
  • swf slideshow
    Slideshow of Flash animations.
  • table drop
    table cell dropping with smooth animation.
  • Text Animation Example
    My First Flex Project in Github.
  • TimerJS
    Simple library to manage time based animations.
  • TransitionsTransformsAndAnimations
    Transitions, transforms, and key frame animations.
  • twisty.js
    Twistypuzzle animation library in Javascript using three.js.
  • unity animationlatch example
    (Unity) Workaround for the inconsistency of angular animations.
  • unity link animation
    fbx animation + voice sample.
  • unity ropelike physics
    A generative animation example with configurable joints.
  • view animations
    Create great animations that start when an element become visible to the browser view.
  • voxel stop motion
    stop motion animation + GIF export for voxel.js.
  • webkit animation stuff
    A varied lot of WebKit animation examples & tests I have either created or found online.

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