List of Free code Database


  • Adelka
    Easy access Core Data SQLite databases via OS X top menu bar.
  • AJKSqlite Database
    A clone of Gus Mueller's fmdb wrapper for sqlite using GCD dispatch queues for (very basic) thread safe access.
  • AmazonSDB
    iOS interface to Amazon's Simple DB web service.
  • ARD Inspector
    This tools allow you to decrypt the Apple Remote Desktop database (with the need of the Master Password) and access to the registered password.
  • AreaCodes
    GUI for the calldata.db database on the iPhone that displays the area code to location mapping.
  • Belyi Maps
    MAGMA code for dealing with Belyi maps database.
  • BillingsCal
    Simple comprehensive live reporting of Billings' database.
  • BMD X
    OS X client for the BMD genealogy database.
    BMX Movie Database iPhone App.
  • CBase Chess
    iOS Chess Database app.
  • CBCouchbaseIncrementalStore
    NSIncrementalStore implementation that uses CouchDB, TouchDB or CouchbaseLite database for storage, including replication.
  • ChessKit
    Objective C library for chess positions and databases.
  • contacts
    The utility contacts gives you access to view and search all your records in the AddressBook database.
  • couchbase lite ios
    Lightweight, embedded, syncable NoSQL database engine for iOS (and Mac!) apps.
  • CouchbaseLiteViewer
    Mac app for viewing/modifying Couchbase Lite databases.
  • CouchDBSyncer iOS
    iOS library to perform a one way sync of documents and attachments from a couchdb database to a local core data store.
  • CrashKit
    CrashKit catches uncaught exceptions, traps signals, and sends them to developers by email or straight to your bug database.
  • CSVtoSQL
    Automator action that converts a delimiter separated value (CSV) input to SQL suitable for application to a database. Basically the same as Apple's version but with more functions.
  • CsvToSqlite
    A library to import CSV data to the SQLite database on your iPhone.
  • CXDatabase
    CXDatabase is a Object Relational Mapping database wrapper on iOS and Mac OS based on FMDatabase.
  • DAOApp
    Simple DAO with Ego Database.
  • database
    Just a project for test.
  • Database Example
    This is example project show usage of SQLite in iOS.
  • Database Kit
    An Objective C database abstraction framework.
  • Database ShoppingList
    iPhone SDK Development Dudney Adamson Ch10.
  • Database Skeleton
    This code snippet contains basic 'Create','Fetch' and 'Delete' database operations in iPhone using Core Data.
  • demon
    Demon a distributed binary object database framework.
  • EasyCSV2SQLite
    EasyCSV2SQLite makes it easy to convert comma delimited text files to sqlite databases. The primary use would be to include datasets inside development projects. To further enable this, EasyCSV2SQLite will generate objective c code necessary to read the created SQLite database.
  • Economic Dashboard iOS
    A "dashboard" of economic figures, both stocks and key economic figures, which are pulled from Yahoo's stock API and an arbitrary PHP database. Also includes a Socialize ( discussion feature for each dashboard item.
  • ESDatabaseWrapper
    A set of Obj C protocols to wrap the database access. It also provides categories on top of FMDatabase.
  • forcemodule testclient
    Test client for Titanium Module to connect to
  • freefalldb
    Scalable NoSQL database for mobile apps.
  • Freezer
    Database as a value.
  • Freya
    Mac GPU Firmware Database and Editor.
  • iAquarium
    iOS Application for querying AquaBase database at
  • IndianNeta
    Database of indian mp's.
  • Induction
    A Polyglot Database Client for Mac OS X.
  • iOS 5.1 WebKitLocalStorage Database PathPreferenceKey Bug
    iOS 5.1 introduced a bug that causes an exception when creating a UIWebView after clearing NSUserDefaults *after* having created UIWebView previously.
  • iOS Demo PhotoLocations
    An iOS demo app for Couchbase Mobile: creates simple location tagged database of photos.
  • iOS OfflineMaps Example
    Example of using Offline Maps with Route me and a SQLite database for iOS.
  • iosAndroidDBCodeGenerator
    Generate iOS & Android DB CRUD Code for sqlite database. Generate fmdb wrapper for iOS, SQLiteAssetHelper wrapper for Android.
  • iPhone Calculator
    iPhone Calculator with sin, cos, tan operations and ability to save and recall from a SQLite database.
  • iphone gwiki
    Location Aware App for iPhone tied to Gwiki database.
  • iPhone Tracker
    This iOS application uses iOS 4.x Significant Location Change API to log your location to an SQLite file which you can then export via email. There are no outbound network connections and your location is never sent anywhere, just stored in the DB.
  • iphoneCloudSync
    How to sync up an iphone app with dropbox and a couchdb database in the cloud.
  • ipy
    iOS Library support 5.1+, include data process, in mem cache, file cache, database , network, and UI animations.
  • KeePassKit
    KeePass Database loading, storing and manipulation framework.
  • liber
    A book management database for MacOSX.
  • LLAsset Database
    LLAsset Database is a complete index of the ALAssetsLibrary designed to make it possible to search for ALAssets around points in spacetime.
  • map2sqlite
    Database tile source for route me and tool to generate the map database.
  • MapView Demo
    Map and DB demo.
  • Mardinate
    China Map Coordinate Fix / WGS84 to Mars Coordinate Conversion without database lookup.
  • Mars
    An Objective C database library from mars.
  • Metrics
    Mathematica package and database of spacetimes.
  • MFSimple Database
    A simple way to use fmdb.
  • Movies
    An iPhone Movie Database.
  • MYZSQLExplorer
    A dynamic database explorer for any Core Data sqlite store, running on your iOS device or on your MAC (in the simulator).
  • NULevelDB
    Objective C interface to Google's LevelDB key/value embedded database.
  • NyaruDB
    A simple NoSQL database (key value pair) in Objective C. It runs on iOS and OS X.
  • Objective C GeoIP Library
    Lookup countries for IP address using the MaxMind GeoLite Country database.
  • OpcDbLogger
    A library to retrieve data from a remote PLC and store it in a database.
  • osxgcdb
    osxgcdb is a Geocaching Database for Mac OS X (not ready for use).
  • pbdbbuilder
    Used to build databases for the Prayer Book app.
  • Perseus Word Search
    A graphical interface for Mac OS X to browse the greek word database of Perseus (
  • pgpane
    A Mac OS X preference pane for PostgreSQL database.
  • Pharm App
    iPhone app that ties into LexiComp database to aid with over the counter medication choices.
  • potd
    An educational / public engagement app for the RCSB PDB Database.
  • qdb
    Quantum database project for CSE 544, graduate database quals class at UW.
  • QuoteBook
    QuoteBook is an iPhone application written in Objective C that stores and manages a database of quotes.
  • Relational
    Database query IDE for Mac OS X.
  • RHSQLiteKit
    RHSQLiteKit wraps an instance of an SQLite.db file and provides an object based wrapper around the db's tables.
  • RiakBrowser
    A basic OS X utility for interacting with the Riak database.
  • RWPeople Database
    RayWenderlich Obj C Tutorial.
  • SampleCoreData
    A sample Core Data Model, with model objects and a sample sqlite database.
  • shift osx
    Shift is a database management application for OS X.
  • shopping list app
    A small app that has one shopping list and uses a sqlite database to save the list.
  • Simple Message Board App
    A very basic app to post/get messages to/from a very basic php message board, using a myqsl database.
  • SimpleDB
    SimpleDB is a key value persistent database that makes it very easy to store and retrieve data for your application.
  • SQLCipherExport
    A mac app to export your sqlite database with sqlcipher encrypted.
  • Sqlite Database Builder
    Build a sqlite database from json files and plist configuration.
  • SQLite Demo
    sample demo explaining how to use SQLite database in iOS applications for offline/local data storage.
  • SQLite Demo For iPhone.
    Add or Find a Contact using SQLite The focus of this tutorial is the creation of a some iPhone iOS application that is designed to store contact information (names, addresses and telephone numbers) in a SQLite database. In addition to data storage.
  • Sqlite2CoreData
    Tool to migrate Standard Sqlite Database to Core Data.
  • sqlitebrowser
    A simple Cocoa sqlite viewer and a QuickLook plugin to view sqlite database files.
  • SqliteDemo
    using FMDB to query the sqlite database.
  • sqlitepersistentobjects
    the tables in the database. The objects are completely self contained you do not need to write SQL or even create a SQLite file. You just subclass an existing class, and your model objects inherit the ability to load and save themselves from the database.
  • sqlk
    SQLite kit aims to ease working with SQLite databases in Cocoa.
  • STNPostgreSQL
    An objective c framework for accessing PostgreSQL databases.
  • Table Demo
    A Demonstration of using a table view with a sqlite3 database that is locally stored.
  • TiAdvanced Database
    Simple module with implemented rs.fetchAllAsJSON() method for result set and DISTANCE function for SQL statements.
  • TiStore
    Active Record like JS library for Titanium Developer and SQL lite DB.
  • ToDoSQLApp
    Simple app that uses a sqlite db to list data.
  • TouchDB iOS
    CouchDB compatible mobile database ; Objective C version.
  • Ultralite
    Ultralite A light weight ORM wrapping SQLite database for iOS.
  • Ultralite Names Sample ObjC
    Sample application using the Sybase Ultralite database.
  • unity sqlite3
    A Unity plugin to manipulate SQLite 3 database.
  • Web DB Example
    iOS app to link to Web Service.

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