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1. Allatori Java Obfuscator
Description:Allatori is a Java obfuscator which belongs to the second generation obfuscators' family so it has all spectrum of opportunities on protection of your intellectual property. And though standard opportunities of the usual second generation obfuscators allow to achieve a worthy level of protection, we have built in our product a number of additional functions making work of the hacker on understanding of a reverse engineered code really infernal, and this kind of task simply impossible to accomplish.

2. ProGuard
License:GNU General Public License (GPL)
Description:ProGuard is a free Java class file shrinker, optimizer, and obfuscator. It can detect and remove unused classes, fields, methods, and attributes. It can then optimize bytecode and remove unused instructions. Finally, it can rename the remaining classes, fields, and methods using short meaningless names. The resulting jars are smaller and harder to reverse-engineer.

License:GNU General Public License (GPL)
Description:JODE is a java package containing a decompiler and an optimizer for java. This package is freely available under the GNU GPL. The bytecode package and the core decompiler is now under GNU Lesser General Public License, so you can integrate it in your project. The decompiler reads in class files and produces something similar to the original java file. Of course this can't be perfect: There is no way to produce the comments or the names of local variables (except when compiled with debuging) and there are often more ways to write the same thing. However, JODE does its job quite well, so you should give it a try and start the applet.

4. RetroGuard
License:GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Description:The Java class file format exposes an enormous amount of information about your original Java source code. Using one of the many decompilers on the market, Java class files can be accurately converted back into source format. Your code is therefore open to review and decompilation by competitors and to unauthorized modification and redistribution.

5. jarg
License:BSD License
Description: The jarg reduces the size of a jar file in which java class files are stored. "Size curtailment can be carried out simply" is the 1st target. However, as a result of processing by jarg, since a Java class file is optimized, it becomes quicker, and since it is renamed, it becomes that it is harder to be analyzed. That is, jarg is 'Java Optimizer', and it is 'Java Obfuscator' and is also 'Java Shrinker' or 'Java Reducer'.

6. Timewindow
By:Lee Software
Description:Timewindow is a utility for time-limiting java classes.

7. JChain
By:ChainKey, Inc.
Description:JChain is a toolkit for the copy protection and flexible license management of Java applications. The "Web" edition is intended for enterprise Java software vendors, and it comes with a licensing server program. The authorization/activation of your products can be done automatically by exchanging data via internet. The Web edition boasts stronger copy protection with more flexibility, enhanced license management and improved GUI.

8. JLock
By:JBit Software
Description:JLock is a Java class file encrypter. It transparently encrypts Java class files and at run-time decrypts the code, so that the JVM can interpret the class file as a valid Java byte-code.

9. Java Obfuscator
By:Lee Software
Description:a Java obfuscator

10. Copy Protection Toolkits
By:ChainKey, Inc.
Description:JChain SA is a toolkit for copy protection and license management of Java applications.

11. Jobfuscate
Description:Jobfuscate allows software developers to obfuscate (protect) their Java class files. Otherwise, without protection, anyone could use a Java decompiler to effectively get back your Java source code!

12. License4J
Description:License4J is a pure Java library for creating and validating licenses. The key concept is features of a license. You can easily add any feature to your license file, i.e. name of the product, version, expiry date, number of executable instances, customer's name, company, IP address, etc.

13. yGuard JavaTM Bytecode Obfuscator
Description:yGuard is a Java Bytecode Obfuscator. There are many reasons for obfuscating Java Bytecode. If you or your company is planning to deploy a library or application that is written in Java you often do not want your customers to gain access to the source code. Giving away the '.class' files only is not a solution since there exist a lot of decompilers for Java, which can reproduce the source code of the given bytecode quite accurately. yGuard offers a solution to this problem by replacing the names of the packages, classes, methods, and fields and thus makes the resulting decompiled source completely unreadable.

14. jGuard
Description:jGuard is a java security framework based on JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Security) . this framework is written for web applications, to resolve simply, access control problems.

15. Protection!
By:jProductivity L.L.C.
Description:Protection! - a licensing framework that can be embedded into custom Java applications or components only allowing the permitted use according to the supplied license. By offering Standard and Professional editions, Protection! delivers powerful licensing solution while providing low TCO for any level of development company - from "lone wolf" developers to an enterprise corporations alike.

16. JProofLite
License:Free OnLine
Description:JProofLite is a Web-based on-line service that provides you a way of protecting your Java applications and applets from reverse engineering, decompiling and other technology theft.

17. Saffeine
By:Saffeine Research.
Description:Saffeine provides feature driven license management and Java bytecode protection, in one product. 'Saffeine' allows Software Product Development companies to have solid protection for their products without embedding traditional license validation logic. The 'Saffeine' engine uses strong cryptography algorithms to secure unlicensed Java bytecode. 'Saffeine' also provides an embeddable secure runtime environment and a simple API for developers.

18. Java Obfuscation
By:Zelix Pty Ltd
Description:Second Generation Java Obfuscation -- In addition to its excellent first generation Name Obfuscation functionality, Zelix KlassMaster provides the added Java bytecode protection of its breakthru, second generation Flow Obfuscation technology and its unique String Encryption technology. It is Zelix KlassMaster's comprehensive Flow Obfuscation technology that made it the first, true second generation Java bytecode obfuscator. It is still unmatched.

19. JavaGuard
Description:JavaGuard is a general purpose bytecode obfuscator, designed to fit effortlessly into your regular build and testing process, providing peace of mind that your valuable Java code is more secure against decompilation and other forms of reverse engineering

20. Marvin Obfuscator
By:Dr. Java
License: freeware
Description:This software rewrites Java applications in a way that makes it almost impossible to decompile them and understand their inner workings.

21. CodeShield
By:CodingArt Pty Ltd
Description:CodeShield protects your intellectual property by foiling attempts at decompiling. Java class files lend themselves to easy decompilation and inspection by many decompiler products. To counter this threat, CodingArt has developed the CodeShield Java byte code obfuscator. This product is designed to make your easily decompiled class files secure. Besides symbol name obfuscation, CodeShield even mangles the control-flow of your program to defeat the best decompiler products.

22. JCloak
By:Force 5 Software, Inc.
Description:JCloak is a Java bytecode obfuscator, it blocks reverse engineering of Java byte code.

23. Jshrink
By:Eastridge Technology
Description:Jshrink is a Java obfuscator that extracts the minimal set of class files for an application, removes unused code and data, obfuscates symbolic names, finalizes code for optimized execution, and stores the results in a Java jar file. Jshrink typically reduces program size by 30-40 Percent. Jshrink obfuscated code is much harder to comprehend when decompiled, a claim that can be readily verified using Jshrink's built-in Java decompiler. Jshrink can also create Windows executable files from Java jar files. Jshrink processes Java class files from all Java versions.

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