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1. FTP Server
By:Rana Bhattacharyya
License:Apache Software License
Description:This is a fully featured FTP server written in Java. It is an implementation of RFC 959. The design is really modular and the server is fully customizable. Using it you can share files over the Internet. This server is now a part of Apache Avalon project

License:GNU General Public License (GPL)
Description:DrFTPD is a Distributed FTP server written in java, it's unique because it doesn't handle transfers like normal FTP servers. DrFTPD is set up with a master and a collection of file transfer slaves that handle the file transfers, you can have as many file transfer slaves as you like. Some names that could be used to describe this is ftp site merger, ftp cluster, ftp grid or multi site bnc, but the only accurate term is "distributed ftp daemon." What is unique with DrFTPD is that it works with existing FTP software, you can use the FTP application you're used to and make site-to-site (FXP) transfers with normal FTP servers. The only exception is with passive (PASV) mode. For this the client needs to support the PRET command. PRET is already supported in several of the most widely used FTP clients. You can often do without PASV mode unless you are behind a firewall which you don't have access to or you need to FXP with another DrFTPD server or a server which doesn't support PASV. If you merge 10 100mbit sites, you don't get a 1gbit site but you get a 10x100mbit site. What this means is that the aggregate bandwidth is 1000 mbit but a single transfer will never go above 100mbit.

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