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1. Liferay Portal
License:Open Source
Description:Liferay Portal is our flagship product. Now in its sixth year of development, Liferay Portal is JSR-168 compliant and runs on almost any major application server, database, and operating system, rendering over 700 deployment combinations.

2. Portlets
Description: Portlets are designed to run in the context of a portal. They are written to the Portlet API which are similar to the Servlet API. In contrast to servlets, portlets may not do things like sending redirects or errors to browsers directly, forwarding requests or writing arbitrary markup to the output stream to assure that they don?t distract the portal web application which uses them. Another difference compared to servlets is that portlets rely on portal specific infrastructure functions such as access to user profile information, standard interface for storing/retrieving persistent settings, getting client information, etc. Generally, portlets are administrated more dynamically than servlets typically are.

3. Apache Portals
Description:Apache Portals is a collaborative software development project dedicated to providing robust, full-featured, commercial-quality, and freely available Portal related software on a wide variety of platforms and programming languages. This project is managed in cooperation with various individuals worldwide (both independent and company-affiliated experts), who use the Internet to communicate, plan, and develop Portal software and related documentation.

4. JBoss Java Portal
License:Open Source
Description:The open source and open standards Java Portal. Today’s top enterprises look to achieve a competitive advantage by deploying enterprise Portals within their IT infrastructure. JBoss Portal provides an open source platform for hosting and serving a portal's Web interface, publishing and managing its content, and customizing its experience. While most packaged Portal frameworks help enterprises launch Portals more quickly, only JBoss Portal delivers the benefits of a zero-cost open source license combined with a flexible and scalable underlying platform.

License:Open Source
Description:An OWASP project is a collection of related tasks that have a defined roadmap and team members. OWASP project leaders are responsible for defining the vision, roadmap, and tasks for the project. The project leader also promotes the project and builds the team.

6. uPortal
License:Open Source
Description: uPortal is a free, sharable portal under development by institutions of higher-education. This group sees an institutional portal as an abridged and customized version of the institutional Web presence... a "pocket-sized" version of the campus Web. Portal technology adds "customization" and "community" to the campus Web presence. Customization allows each user to define a unique and personal view of the campus Web. Community tools, such as chat, forums, survey, and so on, build relationships among campus constituencies. uPortal is an open-standard effort using Java, XML, JSP and J2EE. It is a collaborative development project with the effort shared among several of the JA-SIG member institutions. You may download uPortal and use it on your site at no cost.

7. GridSphere
License:Open Source
Description: The GridSphere portal framework provides an open-source portlet based Web portal. GridSphere enables developers to quickly develop and package third-party portlet web applications that can be run and administered within the GridSphere portlet container. Here you will find the GridSphere portal framework available for download and documentation related to the installation and development of portlets using GridSphere.

8. jPortlet
License:Open Source
Description: jPortlet is an open-sourced implementation of a Portlet Container. Portlets are components that run inside the portlet container of a portal server, similar to a servlet running on an application server. The interface between the container and the portlets is defined by the Portlet API. Since the current JSR 168 has been kept secret for more than 1 year now, jPortlet is not JSR 168 compliant, but the jPortlet API is very similar to the IBM WebSpere Portal Server

9. jPorta
License:GNU General Public License (GPL)
Description: jPorta is a fully functional portal engine built on top of the Jeenius Framework (http://jeenius.sourceforge.net). It works with any 2.3 compilant servlet engine and comes with a number of useful gadgets.

10. OpenPortal
License:GNU General Public License (GPL)
Description:The portal is constructed using Enterprise JavaBeans, Java ServerPages and Servlets, so the framework is extremely portable between EJB/JSP application server platforms. All source has been released under General Public License and we encurage the community to participate in enhancing the framework. The idea of building portlets, and letting the user pick and choose what is relevant is key to any portal, so why not contribute to a common framework since we all need the common functionality but its the portlets that makes the difference!

11. MyPersonalizer
License:Open Source
Description: MyPersonalizer was a research project aiming to produce a generic, adaptable J2EE-based framework for engineering "My" portals (such as my.yahoo.com), that is, portals that let users create one or more personal pages (workspaces) composed of a number of personalizable services. The project is now concluded.

12. Stringbeans
License:Open Source
Description:Stringbeans is a platform for building enterprise information portals. The platform is composed of three components: a portal container/server, a Web Services platform, and a process automation engine. At this time we have released the portal server and Web services platform. The process automation engine will be released in the near future.

13. Jamecs
License:Apache Software License
Description:Welcome to Jamecs, an advanced modular web application server for the Java platform based on a high level of control inversion and sophisticated dependency injection / runtime-tree based module framework.

14. The Portlet Bridge Portlet
License:Apache License
Description:The Portlet Bridge Portlet is a web clipping proxy portlet that allows web application be hosted as portlets. See the PortletBridge Portlet project for more information. The portlet bridge portlet makes downstream HTTP calls and uses CyberNeko and XSLT to do the web clipping.

15. Kosmos
License:GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Description:Kosmos is a suite of software development project monitoring portlets, developed at JBoss Labs . The JSR-168-compliant portlets are backed by a server component, to track the evolution of various aspects: version control, issue tracker, continuous integration builds and project dependencies. It delivers an instant project state view in quasi-realtime .

16. Light
License:Apache Software License
Description:Light is an Ajax and Java based Open Source Portal framework which can be seamless plugged in to any Java Web Application or as an independent Portal application.

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