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1. vqServer
By:Steve Shering and vqSoft.
Description:web server

2. LiteWebServer
By:Gefion Software
Description:With our LiteWebServer (LWS), you can start out with a really small (roughly 1 MB) web server and servlet container and add modules with the features you need, when you need them.

3. Wireless Web Server
Description:Java-based web-server is portable across multiple platforms supporting java developer's kit. It is easily extended with Sun's standard servlet-API. Extensions can be programmed also with C++, because calling native libraries from Java is possible and bridge to servlet interface is implemented. Server can be used to encapsulate many ancient Internet protocols to http so that they can be used through standard HTML-browser interface and consequently through mobile phones.

4. Apache Tomcat
License:Apache Software License
Description:Apache Tomcat is the servlet container that is used in the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. The Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages specifications are developed by Sun under the Java Community Process.

5. Jetty
License:Apache Software License
Description:Jetty is an open-source, standards-based, full-featured web server implemented entirely in java. It is released under the Apache 2.0 licence and is therefore free for commercial use and distribution. First created in 1995, Jetty has benefitted from input from a vast user community and consistent and focussed development by a stable core of lead developers. Full commercial 24x7 support, training and development services for Jetty are available from Webtide.

6. Simple
License:GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Description:The goal of Simple is to bring the power of simplicity to the world of server side Java. The primary focus of the project is to provide a truly embeddable Java based HTTP engine capable of handling enormous loads. It also provides a component based framework for extendability, which is used to facilitate loadable services similar to Java Servlets. Simple has consistently out performed both commercial and open source Java Servlet engines and has a fully comprehensive API that is as usable for experienced Java developers as it is for beginners. Best of all, Simple is completely free, and is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, LGPL, which ensures its availability for use by open source and proprietary developers alike.

7. tagtraum
Description:tagtraum industries is a software development and design company focused mainly on Java based solutions - architecture, implementation and optimization.

8. Jigsaw
Description:Jigsaw is W3C's leading-edge Web server platform, providing a sample HTTP 1.1 implementation and a variety of other features on top of an advanced architecture implemented in Java. The W3C Jigsaw Activity statement explains the motivation and future plans in more detail. Jigsaw is an W3C Open Source Project, started May 1996. See the license for details.

9. Reattore
License:GNU General Public License (GPL)
Description: Reattore is a simple single threaded HTTP server written in Java. Unlike most Java server applications, Reattore uses the socket channel features added in Java 1.4 to serve all requests from one thread, instead of spawning each request off to a new thread. In theory this provides better performance and allows the system to degrade well under high load.

10. Brazil
Description:Brazil is a distributed content Web application server. The framework enables stand-alone systems to work together within the Web space, and a strong authentication architecture allows extranets to access intranets in an open environment without compromising security. The Brazil project promotes the functionality of portals and content aggregators, by sitting between the content providers and the users to offer fully personalized and customized content pulled from a variety of independent Web sources.

11. Pygmy
License:The Artistic License
Description:Pygmy is a tiny webserver ment for embedding into applications. The core of the server around 40KB. It provides a flexible way to plug-in features, similiar to apache modules or servlets, but it's a much more lightweight API. However, pygmy isn't a replacement for servlet technology. Servlet containers can be integrated into pygmy, and replace other heavyweight http servers. Pygmy can scale it's functionality down to the bare neccessities. Features can be optionally added and removed to reduce pygmy's already small binary size. Pygmy tries to err on the side of simplicity, but allow for enough flexiblity so that it can be tightly integrated with applications.

12. Fizmez Web Server
Description:The Fizmez Web Server is GPL, meaning that it is free to distribute and use. It is a very simple webserver, written in Java and completely portable to any Java environment which supports sockets.

13. xerver
License:GNU General Public License (GPL)
Description:# A complete FTP server is included. # HTTP/0.9, HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 supported. # All HTTP methods supported (GET, POST and HEAD). # Advanced logging. # Create aliases (virtual directories). # Create password protected folders. (Create users and choose which folder(s) each user shall have access to). # Run CGI-scripts (run your own scripts on your hard drive). Among other script types, Perl and PHP scripts can be run. # Allow/deny directory listing. # Choose which port Xerver shall use. # Use your own error pages (for example "404 Not Found"). # Choose which files shall be considered index-files. # Run Xerver as a background process. # Remote administration available.

14. Miniature Java Web Server
License:BSD License
Description:The Miniature Java Web Server includes most of functionality of real Web Servers including a servlet container capability. The server is pretty small as in Java code as in result byte code. General purpose of the Web server is running and debugging servlets. However, it can be used as a regular web server for sites with low to medium load. I found also very convenient shipping a servlet based product including this server, so a user can start a product just after unwrapping. You can try a web site hosted on this server under Linux. This web server also works on PDA like Sharp Zaurus LS5xxx, or on Windows CE based handhelds when JVM installed. It gives additional flexibility for your PDA, since using file upload and download servlet can simplify file synchronization and provide control of your PDA from web.

15. Tornado HTTP Server
License:GNU General Public License (GPL)
Description:Tornado HTTP Server is a multi-threaded web server written in Java. It aims to be secure, efficient, and portable, and provide a full implementation of HTTP 1.1. Advanced features such as GZip output compression and web-based administration are planned.

16. nanohttpd
Description: * Only one Java file * Java 1.1 compatible * Released as open source, Modified BSD licence * No fixed config files, logging, authorization etc. (Implement by yourself if you need them.) * Supports parameter parsing of GET and POST methods * Supports both dynamic content and file serving * Never caches anything * Doesn't limit bandwidth, request time or simultaneous connections * Default code serves files and shows all HTTP parameters and headers * File server supports directory listing, index.html and index.htm * File server does the 301 redirection trick for directories without / * File server supports simple skipping for files (continue download) * File server uses current directory as a web root * File server serves also very long files without memory overhead * Contains a built-in list of most common mime types

17. Winstone
License:GNU General Public License (GPL)
Description:Winstone is a servlet container that was written out of a desire to provide servlet functionality without the bloat that full J2EE compliance introduces.

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