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1. Mock
Description:Mock is a widely used technology in unit test domain. It shields exteral and unnecessary factors and helps developers focus on the specific function to be tested. EasyMock is a well known mock tool which can create mock object for given interface at runtime. The mock object's behavior can be fine defined prior the test code in the test case. EasyMock is based on java.lang.reflect.Proxy, which can create dynamic proxy class/object according to the given interfaces. It has the inherent limitation from the Proxy. It can create mock object for given interface only.

2. mocklib
License:Apache Software License
Description:This is a very small library but powerful enough to create most of your mockobjects for you. The ones it can't create, you can leverage the library to create.

3. MockCreator
License:GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Description: What is the MockCreator? MockCreator, first coded at German company Abstrakt Gmbh, and enhanced by me, Vladimir Dyuzhev, is the generator of mocks. Given an interface or a class, it generates source of mock class for it. The main idea of MockCreator development was to reduce knowledge of real code logic required to write a test. When a number of tests reaches a few hundrends, it's often becomes too complex to support them since minor changes in real code often require to alter a bunch of unit tests. This is because test code often relays too much on, say, order of calls to setters (which supposed to be independent) or exact value of parameter (when actually it can be slightly more or less, like current time).

4. EasyMock
License:MIT License
Description:EasyMock provides Mock Objects for interfaces in JUnit tests by generating them on the fly using Java's proxy mechanism. Due to EasyMock's unique style of recording expectations, most refactorings will not affect the Mock Objects. So EasyMock is a perfect fit for Test-Driven Development.

5. jMock
License:BSD License
Description:jMock is a library for testing Java code using mock objects1. Mock objects help you design and test the interactions between the objects in your programs. The jMock package: * makes it quick and easy to define mock objects, so you don't break the rhythm of programming. * lets you define flexible constraints over object interactions, reducing the brittleness of your tests. * is easy to extend.

6. Mockrunner
License:Apache Software License
Description: Mockrunner is a lightweight framework for unit testing applications in the J2EE environment. It supports servlets, filters, tag classes and Struts actions and forms. Furthermore it includes a JDBC, a JMS and a JCA test framework and can be used in conjunction with MockEJB to test EJB based applications. Mockrunner extends JUnit and simulates the necessary behaviour without calling the real infrastructure. It does not need a running application server or a database. Furthermore it does not call the webcontainer or the Struts ActionServlet. It is very fast and enables the user to manipulate all involved classes and mock objects in all steps of the test. It can be used to write very sophisticated unit-tests for J2EE based applications without any overhead. Mockrunner does not support any type of in-container testing.  |  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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