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1. Annotation and second axis

Hello, I have a CatecoryPlot with two CategoryDataSet and two axis. I try to add annotations to my graph(CategoryTextAnnotation). How to add an annotation which will be placed in relation to the values of the second axis ? For the moment I make a simple calculation for placing my annotations, but is there any simple way to place it without calculations. ...

2. x-axis at bottom and month annotated line at the top

How do I create a Chart which has an x-axis on the bottom and month annotated line at the top? In addition, the graph already has a two data sets. only thing left to do is adding a line at the top. I added XYAnnotation annotationJAN = new XYTextAnnotation("JAN", 50, 17500); plot.addAnnotation(annotationAPR); The problem 1. text shows inside the plot. 2. ...

3. Annotating axis

I need to highlight time periods on some graphs, I played with shading the background of the graph for each region, but when they overlap it is hard to work out where one region begins and the other ends is it possible to label/annotate the axis with this information. Thank in advance