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1. Instead of values, Strings on RangeAxis    jfree.org

Hi, I'm creating a chart and I am using the next code: Code: Select all public void generateChart() { Day day = new Day(new Date()); TimeSeries ts = new TimeSeries("Title",Day.class); ts.add(day,1); ts.add(((Day)day.next()),2); ts.add(((Day)day.next()),0); ts.add(((Day)day.next()),2); TimeSeriesCollection dataset = new TimeSeriesCollection(); ...

2. XYPlot RangeAxis does not work if values are > 1e+8    jfree.org

XYPlot RangeAxis does not work if values are > 1e+8 by skarkala Wed Aug 30, 2006 12:37 pm I noticed that in a XYPlot if all the values in a TimeSeries are same and greater than 66666666 (approximately), and the chart has only one series, graph does not get plotted. Code: Select all public class TestLineChart extends ChartPanel { ...

3. RangeAxis Customization    jfree.org

i m using StackedXYAreaRenderer2 for Renderer And using XYplot for drwaing StackedXYArea Chart... Well i m having two issues... 1.I want the Value on YAxis(RangeAxis) like 10K,20M means the data to plot on YAixs is very large so i want to customize it .Can i do that? 2. My Chart requirement is to display the Weekend Days should be in Red ...

4. RangeAxis label is not drawn when using a SVG-Generator    jfree.org

Hello, I have a JFreeChart with an XYPlot, using several XYDatasets, legends and labels. I copy and pasted the code from "Exporting Charts to SVG format" directly, calling the draw-method on my chart. Everything in the chart is drawn correctly as SVG, except for the RangeAxis-label on the XY-Plot, which is completely omitted. The label is shown in my JPanel. I ...

5. Non linear RangeAxis    jfree.org

6. How can i get the precise value of RangeAxis    jfree.org

Hello all! I want to get the RangeAxis's value of a XYPlot located in a CombinedDomainPlot where another two XYPlots also exist, so in what way can I make it? Thank you very much! Following is my realization. _______ private double getY(int x,int y){ Point2D point2d = translateScreenToJava2D(new Point(x, y)); CombinedDomainXYPlot xyplot = (CombinedDomainXYPlot)chart.getPlot(); List list=xyplot.getSubplots(); XYPlot xyplot1=(XYPlot)list.get(0); ChartRenderingInfo chartrenderinginfo = ...

7. How do I do rangeAxis.setMinimumAxisValue(0) now?    jfree.org

Hi, Using older versions of JfreeChart I used to be able to use the following code to ensure that the range axis started with 0. I liked doing this so the charts looked proportional to each other. rangeAxis.setMinimumAxisValue(0); I'm having a hard time finding the equivalent in the latest version. I would like the upper bound of the range to be ...

8. RangeAxis and negative values    jfree.org

9. Multiple series - shared RangeAxis    jfree.org

Hi, I get a nullPointerException on trying to draw a CombinedDomainXYPlot with a subplot of type: XYPlot, 2 datasets type: TimeSeriesCollection 1 Range Axis type: NumberAxis I've succesfuly drawn multiple series with shared RangeAxis with the same setup as above, the only differences being: XYSeriesCollection instead of TimeSeriesCollection In the problematic case the combinedPlot is being serialized/deserialized over the web and ...

10. AutoScale RangeAxis in CombinedDomainYXPlot    jfree.org

I need to autoscale both subplots in a CombinedDomainXYPlot when either subplot zooms in and out. It works ok for the DomainAxis, but not the RangeAxis. It is only scaling the RangeAxis for the subplot that generated the zoom. I can't find an example where it autoscales both Axis in all subplots either on the internet or in this forum. Can ...

11. Problem with TickLabels on RangeAxis    jfree.org

Problem with TickLabels on RangeAxis by ganender Wed Jun 17, 2009 9:27 pm Hello All, I may not be very clear in my first post, I have a barchart with domain and range axis, by using rangeAxis.setStandardTickUnits(NumberAxis.createIntegerTickUnits()); it generates the standard ticks with the integer values (5, 10, 15 ...100) along side the range axis. The challange I have is ...

13. Custom Range-axis values for JFreechart    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I'm using Category Line Charts where range axis I need have specific values as labels: 20/100, 20/80, 20/70, etc, but JFreeChart, draws this automatically according to the series sent into dataset. How can I do to customize this? How do I implement or which plot or render propertie I have to refer the code to call any new class if ...

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