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2. Continuous line throughout the whole domain axis

I am using a StandardXYItemRenderer with TimeSeries data. I would like to be able to show, for example a domain date range of one day. If there is only one or two values that happen to be in that date range then I would like the line to be drawn continuously from the begining of the date (the left axis) all ...

3. How to draw a line on range axis

How can i Draw a range marker in a bar chart. There is method to add marker in CategoryPlot but after addng a marker does it gets displayed automaticallly or else we need to call some other method. I ahve tried to add it but it doesnt get displayed on the chart. I really can't understand how to make it visible??? ...

4. CategoryAxis Multiple lines

5. Extra data line beneath X-axis?

Hi, Can anyone tell me if it's possible to show one or more extra data lines beneath the X-axis? For example. in a time series chart, the X-axis may be "10 Jun 15 Jun 20 Jun 25 Jun etc.", I would like to place a value "20/10" beneath the "15 Jun" mark, and "30/40" beneath the "25 Jun" mark. Can this ...

6. Spider chart AXIS values and web lines between axis points.

Hi, I have produced a spider chart for a set of values. The chart works fine but I need some extra information to be displayed. I have looked at the examples, API and code but don't see a way to generate the following: 1) On one of the spider axis I would like to display the values for each point. For ...

8. split axis label into 3 lines 2 Questions URGENT Free Java software for data analysis and presentation Skip to content Advanced search Board index JFreeChart JFreeChart - General Change font size FAQ Register Login split axis label into 3 lines 2 Questions URGENT A free public discussion forum for the JFreeChart class library. Post a reply 2 posts Page 1 of 1 split axis label into ...

9. Line breaks in axis labels?

11. X Y Z axis in line plot

12. domain axis labels on two lines?

14. Different colors on lines in XY chart with two Y-axis

Hi I have a xy time chart with two y-axis. The chart is generated by Cewolf which generates one dataset with one series for the primary y-axis. For the 2:nd y-axis I get the dataset by: datasetGauge = (TimeSeriesCollection) AlloyGraphDataProducer.getDatasetGauge(); plot.setDataset(1, datasetGauge); plot.mapDatasetToRangeAxis(1,1); I have now 2 datasets with 1 series in each dataset. But I have only one instans of ...

16. Domain Axis Grid Lines and Tick Mark

I have a normal distribution curve with a mean of 25 and a standard deviation of 2.0. I want to display 3 standard deviations below and above the mean. So, I want to see grid lines and tick marks at 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29 and 31. Is there a way to force the X axis to display the above ...

17. Draw a custom line at a point along the range axis

I'm trying to figure out how to draw a single line at a dynamic point along the range axis. This line would be on a stacked bar chart. It's very similar to say drawing a line which represents a goal so we can visualize how close we were to meeting that goal. In my case, we have values on the stacked ...

18. Line Break in X-Axis

Hi, is a line break in x-Axis supported? I have a XYChart with a XY dataset. The x-Axis is a SymbolAxis. There are Strings on it and I want a line break if the String is too large. Can i realize that and if, can you tell me how? Nice day to all Oli

21. CategoryAxis label break line

Hi, I spent a lot of time trying do some simple thing in a JfreeChart graph, and I suppose that you can help me. I just want to break the line of the label in a CategoryAxis using some character like "\n". That is possible? Should I override some method? Thanks, Andre

22. TimeSeries chart - series line not touching Y-Axis

Hi, I am using a 'JSF Chart Creator'(which uses JFreeChart) to draw timeseries charts. But the problem is that the series line is not touching the Y-Axis. It starts from some space after the Y-Axis. Also i want the first X interval to be at (0,0). How can i control the display of X intervals. Appreciate in advance

23. Drawing a Threshold line on date domain axis

I have a OHLC series data set with fixed domain axis say from 6 am to 8 pm The range value gets added with time, which is of OHLC every minute. Additionally i want to draw a threshold line from 6 am to 8 pm at a certain y axis in the beginning of the program. Is there a way to ...

24. Line points are not aligned with X-axis labels

Hi No Luck This works with setTickMarkPosition(DateTickMarkPosition.MIDDLE); when number of data points are more say more then 15 but for 15 or less then 15 data points it still same... setXPosition() method also not usefull in this case... Have one more issue in this chart my x-axis labels are not distributed uniformaly, means few of them are close to each other ...

25. Domain axis labels are not starting from begining of line

Hi , In TimeSeries chart domin axis labels are not starting from begining of the line, Could some one help me to start label from begining of the line.Here is the diagram for reference. | | | | |___________________________________________ -----|--------- |----------|-------------| -----MON------TUE------WED---------THU 2) I wanted the above labels should be printed like in the below diagram | | | |____________________________________________ | ...

26. HELP _ Why don't axis lines touch the plot area

I've noticed in the later versions of JFreeChart that there is a space between the axis lines and the plot area. Is this by design or is there a way of closing or eliminating the space so that the chart looks as a single chart. I've try several of the chart, plot, and axis methods to find the method that will ...

27. How to wrap symbol axis tick labels to next line?

I am using symbol axis to create new type of chart called "event" chart. My tick labels can go quite long, but I couldn't find any way to wrap its tick labels to next line. For category axis we have, setMaximumCategoryLabelWidthRatio(float) and setMaximumCategoryLabelLines(int), but for symbol axis i couldn't find any method. Is there any way i could achieve this?

28. XYLineAndShapeRenderer dashed line with log axis

I am trying to draw a dashed line which maps to the x axis which is a log axis. Drawing the dashes is easy enough: new BasicStroke(.75f, BasicStroke.CAP_SQUARE, BasicStroke.JOIN_MITER, 10.0f, new float[] {3f, 7f}, 0.0f) However, because it plots to the log axis the dashes get squished together as the log units increase (I can send a picture if needed). Is ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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